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1200 Custom
23rd July 2007, 20:28
I have to ride about 7 or 8 miles of gravel each day... The last tires i bought were dunlops 404's , i now have around 5000 miles on the rear and it's bald.. And no i have not done burn outs.... There has to be something better ..... Any ideas on a better tire????? :( Thanks

1200 Custom
23rd July 2007, 21:52
I can't be the only person that has to ride some gravel....

23rd July 2007, 21:56
I can't be the only person that has to ride some gravel....

No you're not the only one but give it some
time. You only posted an hour ago. :)

23rd July 2007, 21:56
Gravel sucks.... :frownone

The 401's will give you the best mileage, the rubber is harder
and the tread deeper.

For a front tire I went to a Avon Distanza but they don;t make them
for the rear 16"

Hope this helps

24th July 2007, 05:10
Don't listen to dec...gravel rocks!!! :clap

I like my Metzeler ME880's. I ride gravel for fun, not out of necessity.

I run my tires at max cold pressure as stated on the sidewall and I get 10k out of my rear.

If you want to go to a webite full of looneys who love beating the crap out of $15,000 BMW's (and every street bike you can think of) on gravel/4wd roads, head on over to www.advrider.com .

If you really want to give 'er a little bite on the front, spoon on a DOT knobby and give us a report on the results. :tour

24th July 2007, 17:34
Don't listen to dec...gravel rocks!!! :clap

i agree,but if gravel rocks(pun?) dirt is Nirvana!!!

24th July 2007, 17:56
I agree with AZBiker...Metzlers are the $hit.

25th July 2007, 06:43
ME88 Metzeler on the rear and Lazertec Metzeler on the front. Get just over 10K on the rear and the front yet to change and have almost 10K on it and look like they will go just past the 10K, as is V rated don't mind changing out with rear.

25th July 2007, 06:55
You definately want a narrow tire for better control on gravel. A wide/flat tire will float on top and feel unstable. The ME880's are rounder than the stock Dunlops which look kinda flat on the back at least.

25th July 2007, 07:22
I have put a few miles on dirt roads and was quite suprised how well the Metzler ME 880's handled. Well, relative to street tires on a gravel road. It's likely the suspension will be more limiting than the tires. I don't know how long they will last. Higher air pressures will prevent rim cuts, but lower pressures get through soft sand better.

1200 Custom
25th July 2007, 19:48
Thanks everyone... I don't have control problems,my bitch it that the last dunlops 404's only went 5000 miles,that sucks in my opinion.... I think im going to try the metzelers ME880 this time.....

27th July 2007, 01:26
You won't be sorry. Find them good in all conditions and road sufaces. Depending on how hard you push your bike if you put ME88's all round or go for the Lazertec on the front. Either way they are far superior than the FLOPS.

27th July 2007, 01:52
I've limited experience on dirt/gravel roads, but I've riden on them with both tires. The Metzelers are much better as for handling and stability (IMO) Maybe its just me.

27th July 2007, 02:34
Well if you can trust someone that has had all three mfg's,
Avon, Metzlers and Dunlops on a bike here it goes.

You will NOT get more mileage from an Avon or a Metzler
but you will get better handling on regular road surfaces.

With tires it's always a trade off, traction or mileage.

2003 XL1200c on the 4th set of tires

27th July 2007, 04:55
Gravel?? Just get used to it. I've got 7 miles a day to deal with, and I just cowboy it out. As long as the back tire tracks reasonably close to where the front one went, I'm happy. About 35mph is the limit of my comfort zone. When the grader comes by and loosens every thing up, I take a 2 mile detour the other way to avoid 4 of the gravel miles.
I've used both the Metzlers and the Dunlops, and I only get 5000 or so miles out of a set. I'm not easy on the tires on the takeoff or the stops, and I weigh rather a bit more than average, so it seems OK to me.

13th August 2007, 20:20
I've got Dunlop Elite IIIs on front and rear.. I commute on my bike and about 3 1/2 miles is gravel, busted asphalt. The tires do fine, and so far (about 9,000miles) they seem like they will greatly outlast the O.E.M. dunlops

16th August 2007, 17:12
Odd, I travel several miles each day on gravel, and I got fairly normal mileage from mine. 10,000 on the rear. 5000 wow thats low tread life!

16th August 2007, 19:50
I ride a lot of gravel and chip-n-seal roads...I run Dunlop 207's (sportMax)....they're fine...pirelli has some real nice enduro looking treads....As long as you don't do a lot of spinning in gravel your tires will be fine...but I know it's hard to resist opening it up and sliding the corners...plus the occasional dirt drags

16th August 2007, 19:59
I have the stock tires and 4500 miles on my bike, and I ride on about 4 miles of gravel a day. It looks as though I will get about 8000-9000 miles from my tires. I'm also interested in what tires provide good tread life - I can't imagine there would be much difference in handling unless I put knobbies on.