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20th February 2010, 08:05
how many people been working on there bikes or just letting them sit cause of the cold nasty weather? had to dig my bike out and it was under my car port

20th February 2010, 08:15
:(Sucks for sure!! But on the up side.....it's not dark when I go to and from work anymore.:) Longer days means spring is coming!

20th February 2010, 08:35
yea cant wait going crazy sitting around the house not doing nothing . to cold out side and waiting for my wrist and fingers to heal should be good in a month

20th February 2010, 08:49
i have been working non stop all winter on 2 bikes, i love wrenching, but i am getting sick of it, i want to ride,

20th February 2010, 09:28
I wish I had a heated garage! I have a bunch of things I plan on doing this winter. But with the recent nerve damage in my hand I just cant work outside for hours at a time like I did last year on my bike. Guess my wrenchin has to wait another month or so till its above freezing.

20th February 2010, 13:48
My bike has been sitting for 2 weeks. I typically ride year round, with the exception of Snow/ice.. Which is everywhere now adays. I missed a week of work due to snow (Dealership closes when it's snowing)

I used to like Winter, not this year.

20th February 2010, 14:33
I wish I had the courage to wrench. Bike still under warranty and I do not wan to mess it up. Now computers are a different story, I kill them then breath life back into them. That is cool to build a computer faster than one you can buy off the shelf. Put a wrench in my hand and all I can do is shake my head. LOL

20th February 2010, 15:09
Yep...lots of winter here also,scoot is apart right now,just waiting on some last minute add on parts...then back together it will be...by spring anyway.

20th February 2010, 15:24
Even I am tired of winter here in Texas.

20th February 2010, 16:03
this winter has sucked in kentucky. typical winters i have at least been able to go on a ride every month or so but not this year. i havent ridden it since before thanksgiving. this weekend highs in the 50s but rain and giant piles of salt everywhere. grrrrrrrr

20th February 2010, 16:28
this winter has sucked in kentucky. typical winters i have at least been able to go on a ride every month or so but not this year. i havent ridden it since before thanksgiving. this weekend highs in the 50s but rain and giant piles of salt everywhere. grrrrrrrr

That's how it's been here in Missouri. I've got all my winter mods done and were staring down the barrel of 8" of snow by tomorrow evening.

20th February 2010, 16:38
I am soooo tired of this crap. My whole attitude sucks and would be better if I could have just one sunny day to ride. More snow expected here in Illinois tomorrow too. I got my sporty out once in January for a poker run. It was about 30F that day but sunny and dry.
I ordered a set of Samson True Dual longtails for my wife's Softail Deluxe yesterday, so that should give me something to do in the garage next weekend.

20th February 2010, 19:37
MonkeyMouse i know about hand and never damage lol i messed my right hand up in june almost lost my right hand crushed some bones arterys tendons and nerves then went back to work in sept and a kid turn a auto welding machine on i was working on a took some of my last two fingers off .so right now after 2 surgeries i'm missing half of my fingers and my right hand is in a cast cause they just did nerve surgy on the right. but i got new parts to put on the bike for spring

20th February 2010, 21:16
Damnnnn Hazz Im sorry to hear that! With all that bad luck your bound to have something great happen soon! My situation wasn't that bad but almost similar. I caught my left hand in a engine lathe. Took off my pinky tip right at the first knuckle and almost my ring finger right after the first knuckle. They were able to reattach my pinky, less that knuckle so it only bends in two spots, they put a nice screw in it from the tip to the second knuckle, connected the nerves but didn't bother where the severed tendons tho because the knuckle doesn't exist any more lol. And they fixed up my ring finger quite well, reattached the nerves and tendon, it seems to function normal other then being stiff and painful... It sucks though hah, I haven't ridden since early OCTOBER because of this! :censor

21st February 2010, 00:06
Here's a shot from in front of my shop this morning.


And my bike ( I rode to work today)

And in front of my dealer.....

I know, you'all wanna know if this is normal for Portland Oregon in February, No....more like hell no...this week has been a Godsend for us.

65 and not a cloud in the sky, should hold until Tuesday they say.
I got a HOG ride tomorrow, I will post more pictures then.

Jason's Sporty
21st February 2010, 00:37
In response to philidor1958: Picking up a wrench is way easier than hooking up a fresh MOBO a new CPU and DDR2 1066 RAM!

21st February 2010, 01:03
It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving that I last rode.:( I am so sick of winter I could scream. Never really have been a fan of winter and have grown to hate it even more as I've grown older. They are calling for another 6-9" on Monday.:censor I just hope to be able to ride by April 1st.:tour It's a crap shoot here in WI if that will happen.:frownthre

21st February 2010, 01:08
We got 20 inches of snow on the ground. Winter here has been way to long. Last summer wasn't very good, cold and rainy, hoping better this summer. Got 2 weeks planned for bike vacation.

21st February 2010, 02:50
Damn you Jeffytune!:cloudmad:dunno(ha ha .....good for you)