View Full Version : Hard bags Vs. Soft throw overs.

4th August 2007, 23:02
For those who have hard saddle bags on your sportsters, do you feel that it was a worth while investment. Now that you have them do you use them to justify keeping them on or would a set of throw over bags would be a better option based on putting them on when you actually need them.

I have a set of 1980 flh hard saddlebags that need to be painted and brackets made, which I can do myself. I dont know if its worth the effort or just buy a set of nelson rigg throw overs for when I need them. I dont really want to use the ghoast brackets, If im going to put the bags on there going to stay.

What you think.

5th August 2007, 00:45
I started off with a set of leather covered rigid bags which were semi permanently attached. They were a pain in the @rse. Apart from being a lot smaller inside than they looked, they made cleaning the rear wheel, or even checking and adjusting the rear tyre pressure, very difficult.

I've now got Leather Pros, and I can take both bags off in a few seconds. I bascially leave them on all the time, but it's very useful to be able to remove them easilly for maintenance.

5th August 2007, 00:56
I had a set of Willie & Max compact slant bags which were throw overs and I mounted them permanent, I had to modify them so I could lift the bags up to adjust the shockies all the time which was a PITA and you end up not cleaning that whole area under the bags which is not good cause now I have some corroded chrome parts.
I just fitted a set of easy brackets and a set of Mutazu hard bags, not only are the hard bags lockable, I can take them off in an instant and the bags are much bigger so fit heaps more gear when I need too and I reckon they look better than the soft saddle bags.