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5th March 2010, 19:19
Ok, so I'm picking up my 2010 Iron towards the end of May, can't wait!

So far I know I'm going to put the Bassani Radial Sweeps on there. I'm leaning towards the Arlen Ness AC for it as well. I just don't know what programmer or whatever I need for it.

The dealer came up with some FI2000R or something like that, but I just wanted to make sure it was a decent working piece. They also suggested, naturally, the Screaming Eagle stage 1, but as I said, I like the looks of the Arlen Ness a ton more. I figured if I'm using the Arlen Ness AC, wouldn't it make sense for me just to get the Arlen Ness programmer?

As far as the programmer, I'm not looking for something that will need tweaking or anything like that. Just something that when it is on there, I'll just leave it be. The dealer is installing all of this for just the price of the parts with a little extra discount, so I'm letting them install it!

Any suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks and safe riding!

5th March 2010, 20:07
Lots of debate on this subject one says this is good ,others say that is good its all about your budget and what you want.Choices are many ,all do basically the same thing.Some of the most popular are fuel pak,screaming eagle pro tuner,(power commander 3 and 5 which are not yet avaliable for 2010 sportsters.),X14ieds,and as you mentioned arlenn ness big shot and the cobra fi 2000r.The last 2 are probally the least popular.I can tell you I have a 2010 iron as well with short shots,s&s super a/c and I'm going to try the X14ieds first. I just got them yesterday.From the research Ive done seem to be a good cheap choice. All the reviews seem to be over whelmingly good.Not saying they are the best or will give you the most performance or hp.It seems that they will perform and do what they are meant to do.Richen fuel mixture, decrease eng temps and provide a decent running bike .Good Luck

Kirk the Jerk
5th March 2010, 21:04