View Full Version : New Forward Control Mount

29th May 2005, 00:03
Well, Here they are. As you can see, I moved them back a little bit from stock. I also didn't like the way the master cylinder 'sat' so I made a new bracket to mount it.

29th May 2005, 00:18
nice job.. what did you put in the cam cover hole in front of the stock master cyl. location?? I have this on mine with nothing in it and it drives me nuts??

29th May 2005, 00:59
I just went to the auto parts store & got a couple of those little chrome buttons you put in a hole to close them up. Then I put some blue RTV to help hold them in.

29th May 2005, 02:19
Just forward, on the cam cover, is an an allen headed bolt it seems. What is the purpose of that hole origionally?? Does anyone know the thread/bolt size off-hand??

29th May 2005, 02:58
It's another cover mount bolt

29th May 2005, 03:23
Here is a pic. of the plug. Sorry about the pic. quality.

29th May 2005, 04:03
Hey Fisherman,

Your shifter side is the same as mine. The brake side is different. I think you have different engine mounts there than do i on the brake side. I am very happy with mine.

By the way, in this country if you use a word like "fisherman" you could be jailed, whipped, and tortured by the Correctness Police. Since a person who fishes might be female, and fisherwomen doesn't doesn't cut it, they must be called simply "fishers".

29th May 2005, 08:15
Neither side of mine are mounted to the frame mounts. They are mounted where the motor mounts bolt to the engine. That way the shaft that the foot pegs mount to are inside the frame so the controls don't overhang outside the front frame down tube. I didn't like them when they were so far forward. That's why I moved them back.