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19th August 2007, 15:11
this just started to happen, I usually get a hand cramp in my right hand when I am riding, especially on the freeway because I have to keep the bike at a certain speed for a period time. but lately my Index and middle fingers have become numb, it usually goes away after I have been of the bike for about an hour, not this time, the tip of my middle finger is "Still" Numb and it's been over 12 hours. Has anybody experienced this and what did you do to fix it? thanks.

19th August 2007, 15:18
I have had this happen from time to time, then I started wearing gel pad gloves, fingerless in the summer, full coverage when it's cool out. Problem solved. It also helps to vary your hold on the grip from time to time (use your palm, middle of fingers, etc.

19th August 2007, 15:26
A Throttle Rocker helps with this too. Also don't hold the throttle too tightly.

Bob F
19th August 2007, 16:02
Sounds like you have carpal tunnel syndrome.


19th August 2007, 16:03
Read Stock handlebars are great now.......

That's in the EFI group.

19th August 2007, 16:31
There are some other tricks. You silicone in a roll of pennies on each side of the bars to get the vibes down. You should get the poly bushings for your bars. Eventhough billet grips look cool, they are crap for your hands. A dyno tune will reduce vibes as well and you get extra power to boot.

19th August 2007, 23:01
Thanks for all the Tips, I am going to start with the gel gloves and work my way down the list. I like the idea about the Poly bushings that sounds good. I guess I just don't realize the vibrations are that bad, one of those cramp busters sound pretty good too.

19th August 2007, 23:03
I found that getting grips with a larger diameter helped the most. The stock grips are too small IMO.. unless you are a girl :banana (hell, I am a girl and they were too small for me)

20th August 2007, 08:12
Sounds like a classic case of Carpal Tunnel (as bobflowers states).

I'm getting the op soon.

Throttle rocker helps a lot.

20th August 2007, 17:07
Hi, I used to get similar things.

Question: do you use your throttle tensioner screw?? (that little knob under the right side controls)
You might want to try it.
You have to find just the right position. Holds the throttle open a bit so you don't have to. I have mine set so if I let go of the grip it slowly eventually throttles down. So I can ride with no hands (not recommended) for a short way, but eventually I do have to throttle back up.

I have mine set so it is almost, but not quite, like a "push-pull" throttle.
Its a joy to ride this way.
No more numbness or sore thumb. No more white-knuckling, well unless something scary is happening, but for open-road cruising it is awesome.
Hoping it doesn't wear my cable out faster.

21st August 2007, 01:59
Me too, both hands and forarms, I get a hard time from my friends cuz after 20 miles or so Im flappin my arms and hands like a gooney bird, this has been an issue for me for many years. What has helped me are lower flater handle bars (superbike bars), at freeway speeds my weight is more on my palms and I dont have to use my fingers to hang on, I know this type of handle bar is not for everyone but it works fo me.
Best Wishes: Mike:tour

21st August 2007, 02:18
Gel-padded fingerless gloves in the summer, full finger when colder help me with this same problem too. Next time I change bars or grips I'm going to try the penny rolls in the handlebars.

21st August 2007, 02:20
carpel tunnel is basically a chafing of the tendons. If your picking it up off of riding your bike then your doing something wrong and you would feel some shooting pain in your forearms from it.. it's commonly cured by surgery and several months of total rest.. if you had it you wouldn't be able to type the OP..

I'm guessing your just seeing low circulation from vibration and lack of movement. get better gloves and use your throttle lock to rest your wrist every now and then.. what your likely feeling is similar to what gamers call "nintendo thumb".. if it's really carpel tunnel you need to see a doctor and lay off the bike and the computer for a few months.

21st August 2007, 02:30
I was thinking that myself, I usually don't have any tension on it all. but now I am starting to have second thoughts about that. I am going to tighten it up a little bit and see. thanks ! the throttle tensioner that it.

Sportster Sam
21st August 2007, 02:32
I'm going to chime in with the others who said it sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. It usually occurs as a result of repetitive motion tasks, such as typing, keyboarding, and writing. Try the gel gloves by all means but consider checking with an orthopedist if that doesn't help. I had the surgery on my left wrist just before Christmas 1989 and was in a cast for about 4 weeks.

If you need the surgery, I recommend getting it done when it's too cold to ride so you have plenty of time to heal up.

21st August 2007, 02:39
I do a lot of typing only because I have to, I work on the computer all day, unfortunately. I went out yesterday for a ride and the same thing. numbness in my index and middle fingers only this time, it's still numb I figured it would have gone away by now. I am definitely going to the Doc to figure this out. I could have damaged some nerves maybe.

21st August 2007, 06:12
i get the same thing and in me its poor circulation in the fingers
either way
gloves should help

21st August 2007, 09:10
I dont think you have CTS. if you dont spend at least 6 hours a day, every day, at a computer or doing the same very small repetitive movements or climb rocks 10 or more days a month you just are not putting that kind of repetative stress on you body. spounds liek your bike doesn't fit you. I mean seems like a different riser set up or bars and grips with some adjusting riding style will fix this.

P Cookie
21st August 2007, 10:09
I have the same thing, have been real bad past week or two. My problem is that its on the left hand, Pinky finger and ring finger. It started at the tip of the pinky and has worked its way up the finger and now starting at the tip of my ring finger. Its real annoying.

24th August 2007, 17:29
Same thing. Using a throttle lock to relax the hands helps. Also, I switched out my grips from the rather small sportster grips to some oversized grips (Live to Ride" model), and this seemed to help. I also make an effort to keep my hands relaxed while riding.

24th August 2007, 17:34
Where gloves on long trips.

31st August 2007, 21:07
I dont think you have CTS. if you dont spend at least 6 hours a day, every day, at a computer or doing the same very small repetitive movements or climb rocks 10 or more days a month you just are not putting that kind of repetative stress on you body. spounds liek your bike doesn't fit you. I mean seems like a different riser set up or bars and grips with some adjusting riding style will fix this.

Unfortunately I spend eight to ten hours a day in front of a computer. I am application consultant for a bank. but I know that I repositioned my bars not long ago and that might have exaserbated the problem.

31st August 2007, 21:09
oh I did go to the Doc last monday and diagnosis is CTS, Damn ! I hate this crap. it's going to take a while for the symptoms to go away, I am in a splint now, supposed to wear it at night for a month then check back with the doc.

31st August 2007, 21:24
Sorry to hear about the CTS:censor One option would be the Kuryakyn ISO Grips W/throttle boss. I put them on my ride a couple months ago. They are great!:banana I also switched the stock buckhorn bars for more of a flat track style handlebar. Between the two, and using the tensioner on long freeway stretches, I can go hundreds of miles at a time with no problems. Plus I always can relax my hands when i have to stop and fill that little paenut tank:laugh Take care of that CTS, hate to see a fellow rider sidelined by some BS medical problem:(

31st August 2007, 21:27
It has been said before, carpal tunnel. The remedies will only postpone the inevitable. I have been dealing with it for years. I don't think mine is quite as bad though.

1st September 2007, 04:10
Well I did a little tweaking today, I positioned the bars back 1/2 inch and then went and got some gel lined gloves. Wow did that make a difference. I went out for a short (okay it was a long ride I admit) and my hand didn't cramp up at all. my two fingers are still numb but at least it's not getting worse. I found some exercises on the internet that are pretty good. and seem to relieve some of the swelling and numbness. here's site if anyone is interested. http://adam.about.com/reports/Carpal-tunnel-syndrome.htm
go down about half the page and you will see them.

1st September 2007, 04:21
My hands go numb whenever I ride a bike with buckhorn bars..I believe its how your wrists are twisted (turned) while riding..Different bars make all the difference in the world..and try weights in handlebars, bigger cusioned grips or just reposioning your present handlebars...These cusioned leather grips by SAC are the most comfy grips I've ever had