View Full Version : Ironhead whats the best carb for a 79?

6th April 2010, 15:05
got a 79 ironhead ,I totaly fu@ked my carb up, its an older screamin eagle carb by keihin non cv, ,the guy at the harley shop said I cant get shit for it ,I mangeled the main brass rod that gose up the center ,when I pulled it! so I guess Iam replacein the whole carb,what is the best carb for that year bike to get the most outa a hypercharger and open pipes? please any info would help,also is the keihin screaming eagle non cv a good carb? should I get the same one?

Ivan RoachCoach
6th April 2010, 15:13
...Even I'm not in the mood for this war of words again. :frownthre :frownthre :frownthre

6th April 2010, 15:16
The basic S&S is easy to tune for what your looking for but....that Keihin works fine they are easy to tune the one draw back on the 1980 through '88 H/D bikes with STOCK Keihin carburetors....the stock accelerator pump has been restricted by eliminating
the check valve in the pump. the fix is simple from Andrews, HI-FLOW ACCELERATOR PUMP. Easy to install cost around 25 bucks.

Anybody will tell you there is a flat spot on quick acceleration with those carbs off the light so they buy new one for big $$$ when all they needed to do is add that and maybe change jets to suit the upgrades.

The bike in the my Avatar is running a stock keihin, with those upgrades. Many times people ask what i got in it.... I laugh when I say NOTHING. (they think I'm lying).
I run S&S on my other bikes.

Bob F
6th April 2010, 16:39
Back in the day I loved the Lecron and Keihin carbs. I've never been a fan of the S&S but most bikers are.

6th April 2010, 16:49
Read this thread!


Mikuni 38mm vm Carbs are pretty much bolt on and go no worries carbs for your sportster

6th April 2010, 17:04
If your going to replace it with a new one, I don't think you can go wrong with an S&S Super E.

6th April 2010, 19:46
S&S Super E is about the best carb, easy adjusting, fairly affordable and made for the harley davidson in mind.

6th April 2010, 20:44
Back in the day I loved the Lecron and Keihin carbs. I've never been a fan of the S&S but most bikers are.Harley once sold the Lectron as an upgrade like "screaming Eagle" stuff
There was one for sale on E-Bay and it had a large bidding audience, it was brand new old stock in the box from Harley.

here is one on Craigslist

6th April 2010, 20:51
Get a cheap 2nd hand CV keihin off a 91-on Evo....simple, reliable but with no bragging rights....now you have asked the question that shouldn't be asked how about starting a thread about oil????

6th April 2010, 21:55
use the google search feature at the bottom of the page typ in best ironhead carb, enjoy the hours and hours of "this one is the best" " no this one is" etc etc etc.

basicly theres S&S, Mikuni, Bendix, Kehin butterfly, Kehin CV, and i know theres a couple mroe i a mmissing. pick one LOL whic hever one works the best on your biek is the best one LOL IMHO Mikuni and S&S are the featured brands to most and they come with a $$$$$ price tag, Cv is cheaper i ncomparison and is apparently quite reliable. best suggestion, write down the brand names on individual papers put them in a hat toss it around a bit and pull a name out.

7th April 2010, 01:18
I like the ol Zenith/Bendix carbs.lots of different opinions on these but to me easy to tune ,easy and cheap to rebuild and obtain.to me alot of guys will have nuthin in their motors and want the biggest baddest most expensive carb they can buy.to me the best CARB is the one that fits your application.

7th April 2010, 01:20
Super E has my vote. If ever I get another Ironhead without it, it'll be one of my initial investments. But honestly, most (if not all) carbs for Ironheads are just fine. It's personal preference... (much like the infamous oil discussion)

7th April 2010, 01:43
What ever you can find on your local craigslist or at the local Indy's shop in the back collecting dust. On any carb, air goes in one hole, fuel in another, and there are replaceable orifices of differing sizes to get the ratio right.

7th April 2010, 04:17
CV = good performance at low cost.
Mikuni VM-38 = install and go. Forever.

7th April 2010, 04:34
mikuni 38mm round slide with branch intake.........

you want it, I can't stand the piece of crap, headache after headache...

well its alright, but it sure could use an accelerator pump.

the thing to remember is a CV carb is wack it open and go. a top slide carb is a roll it on carb. you can't just go to WOT you need to roll it open just faster than your speeding up.

7th April 2010, 08:52
I put a 38mm adjustable Zenith/Bendix carb last year on my 79 sportster.
sporty specialities or sporty parts as they call it now, suggested it and they were right.
Took it out of the box put it on, did not even tune it. changed the whole bike.
Even a friend of mine that owns a bike shop here could not believe the difference it made.

7th April 2010, 12:33
For the money, a take-off CV.



8th April 2010, 01:45
ok fellas , yous are awsome!!!!!!! thanks for all the feed back and help I just bought a mikuin 38mm with manifold, it said in the discription it is set up for a iron head so Ill tell u how it works! thanks

8th April 2010, 01:50
S&S bar none. Hell, I've been running a B model on my 79 since 1986 with NO issues. The E models are way better though with the accelerator pump. Worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

ryder rick
8th April 2010, 03:54
The best carb for your bike,

Is the one I am selling........ :^)