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13th April 2010, 12:01
Hi All
If this is answered forgive the double post, looked but I couldn't find it.

Two questions. I noticed the other day the left turn signal indicator below the speedometer (I believe this is a stock speedometer no reason to think otherwise) is burnt out. Turn signals on both sides front and back work and cancel properly, just the lamp is burnt out on the console below the speedometer. Is there a way to get inside the console and replace the lamp? My friend says leave it alone but it annoys me and I'd like to replace that bulb if it's possible. The other indicators work, oil, right turn neutral etc, if it's a pita I'd probably just change all the bulbs out so I don't have to do it again for awhile.

Second question, same console, it's mounted pretty much straight up on the handle bar, is there a way to angle it slightly more towards the front of the bike, i.e. tilt the speedometer and gauges more towards the headlight. I'm short and I find the speedometer a bit hard to see when sitting on the bike. Where it is now I can't see it from my peripheral vision when it's straight up, I almost have to take my eyes off the road and I don't think that's safe (kind of a new rider and this is blue hair land down here, they don't see other cars much less motorcycles). Usually I can tell from the sound of the engine and watching surrounding traffic how fast I'm going but since Florida is now the land of the predatory traffic cop trying to fill the empty coffers of the cities and counties I've gotten a bit more paranoid about watching speed.

Any suggestions appreciated. :tour

13th April 2010, 12:13
First to answer then 2nd question we'd really need a pic to ensure the correct response.

2nd to answer the 1st question. you can replace just the indicator bulb. Two screws mounted from the underside of the gauge to remove the sockets and then replace the bulbs.

13th April 2010, 22:35
thanks I will attempt to take a picture tonight and post it. Just a single speedometer with electronic odometer, no tach on this 883 hugger. I found a 1998 sporty manual which claims you can't change the bulbs you have to replace the whole unit (which makes no sense) today I found a much better tech manual online that describest the procedure for changing the bulb. The new manual says you have to take off the head light bracket (?) and remove the cover on the handlebar riser and then you can get to it...any clue which light bulb we're talking about...is this something I'd be forced to get from harley or can I get this at one stop autoparts? I'll try to put up that picture tonight. Thanks. Sue.