View Full Version : Motor is wet sumping, what can I do?

3rd June 2005, 01:33
If my bike sits for say a month or two, the oil in the tank ends up in the motor. My problem is that it doesn't seem to pump it all back to the tank. I have good oil circulation if it doesn't do this, it is like the pump loses its prime or something. I am wondering if I can get some sort of a valve to shut the oil flow off from the tank when the bike is not in use. It doesn't look like I can take the pump out without removing the engine, so i am looking for a less intensive method. Thanks for any suggestions.

3rd June 2005, 01:49
some people just clamp the oil tank off when the bike is in storage...then it won't drain on you...can't get much less intensive than that! simple and cheap! :)
Just remember to UNclamp it when you start it up...might want to put a red "Remove Before Flight" type of banner on the clamp so it's impossible to miss it!

3rd June 2005, 04:38
I used to just start mine up once a week or so and let it run till it was good and warmed up.Burns out any moisture and keeps things oiled up as well as pumping the oil back into the tank where it belongs.
If you can't be there and have to store for an extended period I'd drain the oil.Just make sure you give yourself a reminder to put oil back in
A piece of tape over the ignition switch with oil written on it maybe :smoke

6th June 2005, 21:08
You can have the check ball in the oil pump reseated... BUT on a 1976 you have to pull the motor out of the frame. PIA.... Clamping off the oil line, or draining the oil bag for extended periods of non-use is the easiest and cheapest...