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12th December 2004, 18:55
Superglide sport vs. XL1200S sport...


Or go here for all of the roadtests...


12th December 2004, 18:59
I'd be curious to see what that writer would think about the new sportys'

12th December 2004, 19:01
A funny quote from within...

"Having seen the enormous character shift within the Softail range, I'd hate to see such an antiseptic Sportster and would even argue for the retention of the solid mount if there was ever a ballot, which there won't be."

12th December 2004, 19:03
Yet at the end he states:
"I sincerely hope that one day I will find a Sportster that will sway me, but I can't help feeling that rubber-mounting would be a pre-requisite and far from compromising the Sportster principles, I feel it would give them a new lease of life"

12th December 2004, 19:18
I was actually about to put that quote in as well, that guy does not like sportsters too much, but maybe he got a bad one? My 03 does not vibrate all that bad, makes it fun, it vibrates considerably less than my dirtbike. I guess it is all relative. When I rode my sporty for the first time without gloves, I finally noticed the vibes, maybe I have really good gloves :)

12th December 2004, 19:49
I agree with ya, my old sporty didn't seem to vibrate at the time until I got the new rubber mounted one and there is a difference. Still ya can't beat the sporty old or new :D