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12th December 2004, 19:16
i have my 04 sporty 883 custom for sale on here and have not gotten any bites. its got 3460 on it and a warranty until 2010. i'm asking 8k. is that too much? thanks. jay.

12th December 2004, 19:20
Price sound good, although trying to selling the bike on the forum I'd quess you wouldn't get many bites due to the fact everyone has a bike they like or are working on one already

12th December 2004, 19:23
You are asking too much because an 05 883 custom in two tone retail for 7900 bucks and 7595 in black, so figure tax of about 500 bucks give or take and 200 for setup and freight stuffs, most people will pony up a couple a hundred extra bucks for a brand new model with zero miles or if they wanted black..used 04 or an 05 with zero miles for the same price...no brainer.

12th December 2004, 19:38
The NADA on a 2003 is about $6,500. The values on the 2004 come out early next year even though the 2005 are already selling. I would imagine that the 2004 would have a used value of $6,750.00 or so.

Prorate your warrenty. IE: Take the price paid and subtract the amount of the warrienty that has been used.

Take those two and add them together. Then if you have added things you can get maybe a 5% markup but if you have added alot you can get 10-15% markup.

So Even if you have triked out your bike and the warrenty has alot of time left, I would not pay more than $7,500.00 for the bike. Chances are you are over by $1,000.00 of what a smart shopper would pay.

12th December 2004, 19:41
I still think the 04 values are a moot point in that the MOST expensive 05 retails for less than his asking price. People will still have to pay tax on his used bike to register it.

12th December 2004, 19:47
i personally think its a bit pricey, but you never know you may get it.

12th December 2004, 20:08
A real good way to determine what you should be getting for it is to check ebay.
There are tons of bikes for sale there and you'll easily find a few comparable models to compare pricing. Sportsters tend to maintain their value quite well. You might wanna even list it on ebay...but wait until spring. You can get a bit more for it.

12th December 2004, 20:39
i did check ebay and found my exact bike minus the warranty and it was buy now for 7200. my warranty was the core at 1200. so i figured it was priced right. and as far as saying poeple would just buy a new one,they couldn't get it with all that mine has inc the warranty. all in all guys it really doesn't matter much,i mean it would be nice to sell it outright and not take the hit on a trade in.but i'll do it if its not sold by march.the 8k is a obo,so i would take 7500.so with that said it appears it is priced right. go into class section and see what it has,not alot but its something. thanks guys for all the replies.

Dave downunder
14th December 2004, 08:47
G'day gang,

Whenever I read about Harley values, Jag XJS-C values, '85 Toyota Supra values in the States I almost want to cry. Prices here in Australia are an easy 25% more. Then I hear about mates going over and their pay rates.. more depressing.

Enjoy where you live, buy economically as you truly can.

I'm not bitter at all.....????!!!, ...... have fun Dave.

Dave downunder
14th December 2004, 08:48
Whoops meant to add....

And can you guess what's in my garage...???... see ya.... Dave.

14th December 2004, 10:28
There's no shortage of used sportsters for sale anymore. Hasn't been for a while. That makes it a buyers market, particulalrly at this time of year. My kid picked up his '02 883 for $5Gs and it was mint. It will all depend on how quickly you need to sell it or how long you're willing to hold it. I certainly don't suggest trying to get more than a new one goes for.
You'll probably sell it locally and then by word of mouth IMO.