View Full Version : Rubbermount_EFI thread about shocks with lowering blocks interfering with saddlebags?

19th April 2010, 18:46
Hey all, anyone know where such a thread might be? Have searched and searched but haven't come up with what I need. Seems like I remember it being discussed though.

Thinking of putting longer shocks on with 1 in lowering blocks (which I already own but are not on bike) but am worried I won't be able to use my bags, which are mounted with Easy Brackets - the snug fitting easy brackets, not the ones that stick out a ways.

If anyone could point me to such a thread or just tell me your experience with this, I would really be appreciative.


19th April 2010, 18:57
Don't worry about lowering kit...
I have one and no problem with saddle bags...

19th April 2010, 19:00
Beuz, thanks. Let me ask you this: are your saddlebags throw-over or mounted with brackets? thanks again...

19th April 2010, 19:41
Throw over givi saddle bags...