View Full Version : Ironhead Magneto points question.

22nd April 2010, 02:35
I have a clear cover on my magneto and can see a pretty good amount of arching between the points. Is that normal? and if not could that cause some backfiring?

22nd April 2010, 02:47
Yes, the points are always going to spark when they first open. So that is normal.
If your bike is backfiring look to the manifold for an air leak or the ignition timing being off.

22nd April 2010, 02:56
Thanks man. I was having a problem with a sticky valve (check my other thread) so I think that is still my problem.

22nd April 2010, 04:20
Some arcing is normal, but a bad condenser can cause excessive arcing across the points. Try a different condenser and see if the arcing changes.