View Full Version : Ravo ride n pissup

17th May 2010, 04:36
Just a note/invite to let any xl forum members in Western Australia that are lookin to go for a good ride and catch up with some likeminded friends that there is a ride n pissup starting from the Ravenswood hotel just outta Pinjarra to Dwellingup n back for an arvo session at the Ravenswood pub on the Sun 6th june 2010 meet @ 0930 at the carpark and leave whenever we all get there.There is a public holiday the next day so if ya wanna stay o/night at the hotel or camp grounds and get on the turps alls good as a few of us will be.let me know if ya comin so as we know numbers to expect and shit..there a few bikes comin but so far theres more trumpy riders than HD'S..:smoke

3rd June 2010, 23:52
Times changed to 10.30 for any who are lookin to go for ravo ride n pissup we will be leavin from the ravenswood hotel @ 11.00 up to nth dandalup then ride the del park rd thru the hills to dwellingup for lunch then down the hill back thru pinjarra and back to the ravo pub for a good aussie sunday session..:smoke