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Magneto Sportster
12th June 2005, 04:47
Hi, I recently bought a 1964 Sportster xlch. It came with 2 inch straight pipes on it, but the sound is a little too harsh for me. My plan is to get a pair of 1 3/4 inch header pipes and find some mufflers, but I am not sure what I want. If I get the stock style mufflers are they gonna be super quiet? I was leaning toward some shorty mufflers. I still want a nice sound, but not the obnoxious, harsh sound of the 2" straight pipes that made people cover thier ears when I went down the street. I would appreciate any information or advice that people could provide on this issue. Thanks!

12th June 2005, 04:58
The 2" drags are incorrrect for that motor unless its bored and stroked and still I would only run 1-3/4 drag pipes on it.

Any of the Shorty muflers will sound good on the bike. louder then stock but not annoying. I personally like the old style 'shorty' for looks. Theres about 3 different 'shorty' designs. the old style shorty which ends in a slash cut, the large full muffler slash cut 'shorty' and the standard square or flat cut end 'shorty'. Another alternative is the stock style 'tapered' full mufflers which are quieter then the 'shorty' styles.

Check out www.jpcycles.com for the differnet types and sizes..

Of course Irun 1-3/4" open drags on my 74 XLCH. I like em loud. :smoke

12th June 2005, 05:13
I have a 77 with drags on it and I love the way old people look at me when I go down the road. Some times I wish I could make it even louder.

12th June 2005, 05:16
You could just buy some baffles for your drag pipes.
Y2K :smoke

12th June 2005, 06:04
I just purchased the square cut universal 11 1/2" shorty mufflers from J&P for my 1960 xlch. The current too loud exhaust is 1 3/4 drags (they are 34"). I used the same shorty on the 67 ch that I had in 1970. I think they go with the look of the bike when mounted close to the horizontal bend in the pipe. The whole length of the pipe and muffler is even a little shorter than the 34" drags.