View Full Version : Triking Through Spain

24th May 2010, 09:07
Hi Can anyone one help im off to spain on Friday and was wondering if any one knows or knows where I can find out if the laws regarding crash helmets, are they the same in europe especially Spain as the UK which is basically you dont have to wear one.

25th May 2010, 00:53
I do not know the law in Spain,
but have a safe trip and take loads of pictures.

25th May 2010, 01:02
Hello Welshman, I have an 1200 Sporty trike, and as far as I know in France and Spain you have to wear a helmet. Check with the UK Branch of the Brothers of the Third Wheel, they have all the info and law regarding Trikes. www.btw-uk.co.uk They will confirm all what you need to know.

25th May 2010, 13:45
Gotta wear a lid in Spain even on a trike, Bien Viaje!

16th June 2010, 06:38
Hi peeps I am back from my trip, just under 2000 miles from door to door not including the ferry crossings (40 hrs on a ship burt rolph hewey) Travled from the west coast of Spain up an across to the Med stayed a few days then back east to west through the Spanish Pireneeyes.pics to follow

17th June 2010, 17:27
Glad you had a good trip.