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13th June 2005, 04:31
Hi: Guys, I bought a 1983 Ironhead basket case and I have been building it for about 8 months here and there. The problem is the manual dos'nt show the routing of the harness. What goes behind the head light, how many of the connections go behind the head light? I think they all do but that's just a guess. Can someone here post some pictures please. I have never built an Ironhead before. I just wish the manual was more detailed.

Thanks. Gail

13th June 2005, 04:44
Try a Clymer manual, it does have very detailed diagrams in the back of all the Ironheads, it's nice to be able to compare the diff models and yrs...and does include that section you are talking about

13th June 2005, 20:21
Yup - the Clymer is better in some ways than the FM. Need both.

13th June 2005, 20:29
I just got done re-wiring an 86 XL basket. My clymer was real poor on detail views of where things go. Don't be afraid to you some exta wire and relocate connections to hidden spots. All of my wiring comes from the void between the battery, the oil tank, rear fender and seat. I was plannig on hiding some connections in the headlight, put than there was a loom of wires a 3/4 inch thick coming out of the headlight.

13th June 2005, 20:37
Remember, a schematic doesn't always show things to scale or detail. The headlight and associated connections therein, may just appear as a dashed line box. On my ironhead all the circuit breakers are under the seat, most of the lighting harness connectors are in the headlight housing, as is the turn signal flasher. (Ten pounds of s--t in a 5 pound bag!)

13th June 2005, 20:53
1)Headlight bulb wiring (4)
2)Blinker flasher (2), Blinker wires (4)
3)Gen Lamp (2)
4)Tach wires (3)
5)Oil warning light (2)
6)High beam lamp (2)
7) Speedo (2)
8)Ground wire (1)
I think that's all, folks..
Plus the wiring from the handlebar switches (High/Low headlight, Blinkers)

13th June 2005, 21:10
I sent you a private 'E' about schematics..

15th June 2005, 02:52
I think I have it all figured out, most of it goes behind the head light. I have both of the manuals,I really did'nt notice the page in the clymer manual. Thanks alot for all of your help guys, I've been getting alot of good info here since I started the rebuild, but it's still like putting a puzzle together. I hope it runs when I finish, and I should have it done in a week or so. Thanks again I will keep you all posted and send in some pics.

16th June 2005, 01:22
i personally like the factory manual better than the clymer, but it's different for everyone.
i rewired my entire bike last year and what i did to help myself understand everything, was draw out all the parts in relation to each other's position on the bike, then draw my own diagram. it totally eased all the stress i had about doing it. it was actually extremely simple.