View Full Version : Nitrous on a 04 1200R

14th December 2004, 19:36
I have a 04 1200R Stage 1 and was wondering if a small nitrous setup would harm the motor?

14th December 2004, 19:50
I don't know much about the subject, but here's a NOS Kit for Harleys:

14th December 2004, 20:30
Narley is running a nitrous harley, contact him.


14th December 2004, 20:32
If it's installed correctly, you'll be just fine. Just be sure to talk to the manufacturer about the correct kit for your application. The problems start when a person goes out of the normal parameters and puts a 1000 HP system on a stock engine.

I mean if a little is good, a lot is GREAT! Right?

15th December 2004, 23:41
Nitrous on a Harley just don't seem right. Now, let me get back to my peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich.

20th December 2004, 20:30
It dont seem right....but it does!!!!! ya Know???

20th December 2004, 21:07
I'm thinking of puttin' nos on my flatty , think thats wrong ? :p :laugh :p :laugh :clap :laugh :p :laugh :p

20th December 2004, 23:39
NOS sounds like a good idea, just check out Narleys #s in the dyno room. My concern would be how fast the bottle goes dry on the street, for the $700-$1000 system could you do other mods to get your hp up? Just figure what you ultimately want to do, and work twoeds that. don't go out and do something (11-1 compression) that you will have to change again with the next mod (nos)

20th December 2004, 23:47
I've never been a fan of NOS , to many kids get into trouble with it (hurt and the law) on the street
it seams to me like a cheaters way to get power , i.e. simple boltin not much figgerin' out , and what happens when you need it and the bottles empty (sure I'll race ya , just let me go get a new bottle )
quarter mile drags on the track , I think its ok there , but I don't think its a thing for the street

21st December 2004, 02:47
No, it won't hurt it. Bolt it on and make a few passes against your freinds/competition, leave it hooked up with an empty bottle and beg off after the initial impression, boom, reputation made and less skin (literally) off your nose. Nitrous has no place on the street, usually. Blast of gas when a rocket cruises up alongside would be fun, but really, the satisfaction is kinda tainted. Not to mention it might not make enough of a difference depending on the competing equipment.

On the strip...now, that's a different/better environment.