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17th June 2005, 15:57
I just piked up a 75 sporty , I am the third owner ,,,the guy I bought it from told me that he only put on about 15 thousand miles on the bike and didnt do anything to the motor,,He didnt drive it for a year and didnt want to kick it anymore as to a bad back,,, I trailerd it home and fired it up ,took it for a ride around the block and noticed that when I shifted it pufed a cloud of oil smoke ,,not allot but enough to let me know its there.. :frownthre Now a pile of miles later the rear pipe has a oil coating on the inside of the pipe :cry1

I dont know any other sporty owners of this ara to get info from so any info would be great!!!! I am not going to drag this bike or anything like that just ride with the buds ,,I just want it to be reliable to go on trips and not pop on me,,,I am going to do a top end rebuild and need to know what are the best parts to put back in her!!! Like pistons,,gaskets,,,rings !!! A bud said that Keith Black pistons are the best for the sporty,,I know from experience they are good in small block chevys,but are the good for the sporty?

Any info would be great!!!! :tour

17th June 2005, 16:04
how "central wisconsin" are you ?

there are some good indys all around fond du lac , oshkosh, stevens point, they could give you good advice as well as help that we can't give over the net

basicly if ya stick with the big name supplyers you will get good parts

good luck on your rebuild , top ends aer not hard to do at all

17th June 2005, 16:22
I live 15 Miles from Stevens Point!!! I can do all the assembly but still would like somebody there to make shure its done right as this is the first HD Ive done!!

17th June 2005, 16:36
I got a bro in point that has a 69 sporty , I can't find his e-mail adress right now but I'll pm ya when I find it (seems to have vanished from my computer)

oh wait , heres his home pageclicky here (http://www.richsrides.net/)

then look for his e-mail tell him "butler sent ya"

he does all his own wrenching and can steer ya right

Chris B.
17th June 2005, 18:03
one tip I learned about mine from the forum... If you use tempered (newer) Exhaust valves, you can run normal unleaded gas. Mine is a 73' with the original valves and I need to run a lead substitute to lube the valve guides and seats. New tempered seats and valves are the way to go, no lead substitute needed this way, one less thing to carry around! :smoke

18th June 2005, 18:04
Just checked, it is a "SUPER B", so that should be a priority to change it?