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21st June 2010, 09:11
So i suffer from pilonidal cyst disease. Its chronic cyst in the tail bone right above the ass crack. Ive been riding since i was like 16 but now, 5 years later is seems to bother me alot when i get off the bike after a day of riding. recently ordered a new custom solo seat thats more flat. How the seat curves up seems to be the aggravating problem. The doc tells me to give it up but Harley is my life, so that will never happen.

Just wanted to know if anyone else suffers from this and how you've managed to keep riding.

2002 xl1200c. All chrome. stage 1 air, SE Carb. SEII Pipes...

21st June 2010, 09:34
Damn that sucks. I don't suffer from that disease but, there have been many polls and they all pretty much agree that a Mustang Wide Seat cannot be beat for comfort. I think if I were you I'd install a set of good (maybe Progressive) 13 - 14 inch shocks. Hope things work out for you. Good luck!

21st June 2010, 09:44
I have a Mustang wide and bent the front tab down to raise the front of the seat and it feels just like a solo seat now and takes the pressure of the rear of the seat and away from the tailbone....

21st June 2010, 10:12
It might pay off to get the seat shaped to your own behind.
You could also try this out for yourself too. Take a piece of styrofoam, shape it like the seat you have, and start cutting away pieces until it's comfortable enough. Then try to transfer it onto the seat itself.

21st June 2010, 10:27
I have two sons that had it and both had it sucessfully repaired and are no longer bothered by it. The younger one rides on a regular basis, including motorcross through the desert.

23rd June 2010, 22:08
Thanks guys. I ordered the vintage wide solo touring seat for my 02 1200c. I have a question i know that bolts on to the nut were the chicken strap is for the orig 2 up. but it i order the 2nd passenger seat that they make to match this one, does that just bolt on to the rear nut or do they bolt attach to the first nut as well???