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15th July 2010, 12:59
I know in 06' they quit putting the protective under seat clear sticker. I checked into this when I realized how scratched up my fender was getting from my Sundowner. HD (Triple S) doesn't have any idea for part # or anything. I ride my bike solo 80% of the time and wouldn't mind kepping the solo on it. I love the look of my bike stripped down. Especially with the new bars & paint. Again though under the seat is scratched up from the seat I run and it has carpet material on the bottom so I was hoping that would prevent that but it didn't. So now I am wanting to paint it again so I can start running the solo again and be able to put the 2 up seats I have on when I need them. I don't want to run into the same thing again though?

To me this looks way better........
Sundowner which I am not hot on but Dawn loves...
Current set up I am running....

15th July 2010, 13:38
When I go 2-up I use a Mustang Vintage Touring Seat. The Mustang seats have rubber bumpers on the bottom that make contact with your fender and frame. Plus they are extremley comfortable.



15th July 2010, 13:50
Thanks for the idea but I am not looking to buy another seat,I'd rather buy another bike and keep it solo than buy a 4th seat :)
Just wondering if any of you paint guys would know if any kind of clear coat sticker is avail somewhere I guess before I repaint it again?
I am probably going to buy another bike anyway to keep it 2 up or springer it and keep this for 2up but that is a little ways down the road.....

15th July 2010, 13:58
do a search for clear bra. 3M makes it. You might be able to find out who does it through a local car dealer. Usually when they apply it to a car there are fairy large pieces left, enough to do what you are looking at doing.


15th July 2010, 14:03
I run 2 seats
an HD pillow like seat for 2 up
and a custom seat I had made from a regular Sportster solo.
Neither of them scratch anything.
Sounds like all you need to do is glue some felt or something to the bottom of the seat.

15th July 2010, 14:08
+1 on clearbra, it looks dull from some angles though.

15th July 2010, 14:10
thanks guys for the ideas,both I will check into doing.......

15th July 2010, 14:14
There was a thread on here a couple of days ago titled Lick's Bag Rubbing.I believe Hecklerboy posted a link that shows a clear adhesive that might be what you're looking for.Just do a search at the bottom of the page for the thread.:smoke

15th July 2010, 14:14
I went to a gasket company and bought about 4' of thin rubber gasket sheet (I believe the roll was 3' wide). I cut a piece the shape and size of the seat base and put it between the seat and frame/fender when I mount the dual seat. The rear fender still looks nice now when I put the solo on. I suppose you could even glue it to the bottom of the seat if you wanted to make it permanent.

15th July 2010, 14:15
3M sells clear vinyl sheets at autoparts stores that can be trimmed to fit to cover wear areas on auto paint. Look on the 3m automotive products website.

16th July 2010, 06:30
Before I bought the Mustang seat I had the H-D pillon. Got some black fleece from Walmart for a couple bucks and used double stick tape to attach it to the bottom of the pillon. No problems with scratching.

16th July 2010, 10:08
Get yourself a fender bib like this: http://www.mustangseats.com/Categories.aspx?intCategoryID=2&Category-Name=Fender+Bibs&reset=true

then you won't need to re-paint when you want to go solo.

16th July 2010, 10:14
go to the local fabric shop and buy some felt. just put it on the fender before you mount the big seat.

16th July 2010, 10:37
3m sells clear vinyl sheets at autoparts stores that can be trimmed to fit to cover wear areas on auto paint. Look on the 3m automotive products website.


16th July 2010, 18:35
I use a felt shop rag that was laying around the garage. I just folded it so it didn't stick out. Haven't had any scratching. been swapping back and forth about every weekend for a year.