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21st July 2010, 16:16
my buddy just bought a box of sportster parts in a box for 25 bucks. he gave me the bendix carb. its a little rough looking so i was wondering how can you tell if the carb is shot, or cant you tell. any way i'm goning to strip her down and soak it claeaner and rebuild it any pointer will be apreciated


21st July 2010, 16:45
open it up and inspect it. does the float float? how do the jets look? it should be fine just soak it out, blow it out, and get a rebuild kit (new gaskets etc). carbs dont just "break". good luck

21st July 2010, 18:07
yea, but they do go bad. i just was wondering if there were typical things to look for thats all


21st July 2010, 18:32
yea, but they do go bad. i just was wondering if there were typical things to look for thats all

You want to make sure and look at the O ring around the main jet housing. See the pic..........


These things go bad and will give you much grief if they leak. If you need to replace the O ring just go to Lowe's and find a #5 or #6 O ring in the plumbing department. A 10 pack will cost you $1.29

21st July 2010, 18:36
do a search for bendix and you will get some good info. Make sure wren you buy a rebuild kit you but the oem one not china crap. It has a funky acc pump plunger that's too long and won't work right. Carbs are pretty basic, all they do is meter fuel and air. Most people are too quick to blame the carb. 90% of all carb problems are electrical problems that get blamed on the carb. A good cleaning and rebuild it should be good to go. Check the needle valve seat mine was f'ed up. And make sure you set the float properly. from what I hear they are good carbs I just don't have my ironhead running at this point so its just hearsay

21st July 2010, 18:53
The leather bucket in the accelerator pump is usually toast after it dries out for a few years.
+1 on get a OEM rebuild kit from a Zenith/Bendix dealer or HD dealer. Lots of complaints on here in the past about Taiwan Trash rebuild kits from the catalogs.

21st July 2010, 19:36
OEM part # for a 74 Bendix Zenith 27132-71T.Pat

21st July 2010, 20:15
I soak all carb parts (except rubber and leather parts) in acrylic paint thinners for an hour or so, then use a paint brush in the thinners to give them a final wash over. .removes all the fuel gum etc and cleans them up really good