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24th June 2005, 08:31
Hello, I want a S&S carb on my Sporty (1985) Wich carb is better: S&S super B or a S&S super E.??
Juup (Netherlands)

24th June 2005, 14:33
If you must go with S&S, I would take a look at the E.

I had a B on my 1985 XL, it stuck out too far, and didn't have an accelorator pump. The S&S Evangilists will probably jump all over me, but I have a hard time believing the B model is anything but a shovelhead carb & not best suited to the sportster.

My B was tuned to start easily enough, but lack of pump made it sort of touchy accelerating quickly.

Super E enthusiasts: feel free to add your comments or concerns.

24th June 2005, 22:35
A S&S Shorty Super E is the only way to go..

24th June 2005, 23:24
Shorty "E"....or if ya can afford it, a Lectron

25th June 2005, 00:25
I have the "E" on mine, and let me tell you based on my experience it works great!

25th June 2005, 04:39
Definately the E carb,I had a B on my Ironhead and as someone stated already no accelerator pump and very long carb body.
It was a good race carb for my 86cid stroker but
that was way back in the days before the much more streetbike friendly E carb came out.
Y2K :smoke

25th June 2005, 09:53
Hai, ok and thanks. I have spotted an S&S super E with a Wimmer Velocity Stack on Ebay. Will this do on streetride or only on racetracks???

26th June 2005, 23:42
I also use the shorty E, as far as the stack goes, the main issue is the loos of the filter.

29th June 2005, 01:43
Nah-go with a bendix. Cheap, simple, adjustable, cheap.