View Full Version : wow what a diference

25th June 2005, 02:35
I had H-D put on a s/e air cleaner, .45 slow jet, Yost kit, and vance and hines straightshots with baffles in them and this thing sounds like a monster lives in my bike. deep sound and a awesome growl as you let off the throttle. Sweet! 2005 1200c black cherry/black pearl and chrome. I am sort of glad my belt snapped, if it didnt I would have wasted more time not scaring the innocent.lol

25th June 2005, 10:04
Makes a big difference over the stock sound and performance. Glad ya like it.

But did ya read this thread before ya bought an SE A/C ?
Another afflicted SE A/C setup (http://www.xlforum.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6369)