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25th June 2005, 22:11
Ok here is my question...I have had alot of trouble with the starter conversion i installed..mainly because of cheap parts that came with the kit.

here goes...When I first installed the kit, stupid me put the primary chain to tight, i didnt pay attention...I burned up a relay.. and Selenoid... Well I also started to intermetint starting problems when I replaced the bad parts..I had the battery and starter tested..they were good...(starter was tested without a load) so now this is what I get.. Press start button, have power at relay, get a click, have power comeing into selenoid and then at the starter with it connected it is .088 volts. I disconnect the starter and check the voltage again at the starter and it is back up to 12.5 something...I am sure I have a good ground...added one directly from the case where the starter goes to the frame..to make sure..

Does it sound like the starter is fried???

HELP THE OL lady is ready to trade me in for a new ride!!!! :yikes

26th June 2005, 14:50
COME ONE NO BITES ON THIS?? I am shocked with the vast knowlege on this board... Well I guess I am gonna pull the starter apart

26th June 2005, 21:49
:censor ...pulled the starter apart and it looks like one of the wires was grounding out to the houseing of the starter...it was jumping from the power in to a burnt covering on one of the field coils...so I am assuming that is where I lost the voltage..

27th June 2005, 00:27
Sounds like you're on to it dude.
Is this an XLCH conversion? if so are you using the stock oil tank and battery or have you put the XLH stuff on it.The stock battery on the XLCH is very small and IMHO is barely up to the task even when all is right.
Good luck to you.

27th June 2005, 17:03
I bought a stock XLH battery/tank/battery tray...The battery that was on my kick only is now in my lawn tractor...LOL..

I wish I could still kick it but knee surgury killed that...now I am wrenching more than rideing..we will see how things go when I get the starter fixed