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15th November 2004, 01:07
I bought a 2001 XL 1200 Custom a few months back. After riding it for a while, I start getting a little uncomfortable from being stretched out and leaning toward the stock bars.

Thinking about some Buckhorn bars but from reading I see some like them and others don't.

Thought about just some pull back risers. My speedo is mounted to the bars and I am concerned about it hitting the tank if I install the pull back risers.

Then you get into longer cables and the list goes on.

Anyone been there done that? Options?

15th November 2004, 01:15
I bought about five dif. bar sets and 4.5 pullback risers and eventually added 2 inch extensions till I was finally comfortable. I recently put superbike bars on and the position was not quite right again. Can't wait to finally find my pullback drag bars in the garage again. The extensions are a nice alternative.

15th November 2004, 01:29
Hi Mac41

I had the same trouble. In fact the first month or so of riding my bike I couldn't ride for longer than 30 minutes without a severely sore neck.
To fix this, I put on a set of 4" pullback risers. I remounted the speedo to the eyebrow thing above the headlight. The holes lined up perfectly and all I had to do was go and buy some longer bolts and I cut two pieces of tubing to route the bolts through.
Also got the kit to relocate the turn signals to the forks - which I like much better anyway. Only part on the bike I actually had to replace was the brake line and I got a braided stainless steel one on ebay.
It's SOOO much more comfortable now, but even so, I think I want to go to 5 1/2" pullback risers in the spring.

15th November 2004, 01:43
yup I agree. I have the 4" risers but will soon go to the 6". There is no perfect setup but we keep trying... lol

15th November 2004, 01:48
I used the 2" extensions because I did not know if that was the right height or not. They also look kind of cool because of the taper. Any way you look at it the best way to decide on bars is go somewhere where there are a lot of sporties and ask to sit on the ones with the bar setups you like.. Most people will not be overly offended if you explain why you want to sit on there bike.

15th November 2004, 18:41
My 2 cents, the flat track bars on the 883r are perfect. I had the same issue with drag bars and such. I went back to the originals and asked myself why did I change them in the first place? :confused: They have enough stretch to be comfortable but then again my 2 cents.


15th November 2004, 23:58
the flat track bars on the 883r are perfect.

I feel the same about the flat track bars on the 1200R...same?


16th November 2004, 00:10
The stock bars on the 1200R were killing my wrists so I changed to 4" straight risers and the 27" dragbar. So far I love it but I have to figure a good set up for moving the speedo, mabye losing the tach and indicator lights.

16th November 2004, 00:29
I have no problem with the stock bars on my '04 883C. I think its more important to choose a bar that lends itself to your desired body position. With my bars, its comfortable to roll around town on the forward controls, or to get my feet on the passenger pegs for some long cruising. The bars are placed pretty much in between those two extremes.

16th November 2004, 21:45
I appreciate all the feedback about bars and options. I'm not certain if the bars on my bike are original? They were on there when I bought it a few months back. Not real up on Harley's, yet. This is the first one I have owned.

I ride and race offroad bikes (Hare Scrambles) here in Texas. Decided to get me a bike to cruise around on when time allows. So far it's been fun.

I'll try to take a few pictures later in the week and post them and maybe someone will recognize what bars I have. I'm not sure of the stock setup, but I believe I already have some pull back risers. Have to measure and figure that out.

The guy that originally purchased the bike in North Carolina put quite a bit of aftermarket items on it. I will look through the tickets and see what he did with the bars and risers.

Being new to riding, don't know anyone else that rides a Sportster. So checking out other Sportster set ups hasn't been an option yet.

Thanks again

18th November 2004, 11:20
I did some checking and the best I can tell my bike has the original bars on it. Not too sure if the riser is stock. It's a straight one that measures about 5-1/4" from the base to the center of the bars.

I located a new set of Accutronixs 6" risers with a 3-1/4" pullback for a good price. Will have them soon and see what that does with the existing bars. If that doesn't work, it's off to bar swapping.

I'll get the risers on and then see what the speedometer needs.

Thanks again for the help,