View Full Version : rear turn signals/running lights?

16th December 2004, 21:52
I got the Deuce style turn signal kit, and both front and rear signals are dual filament. My original 3" signals, front are dual filament for runnung and turn signal, and rear are singal filament for turn signal only. If I set the rears to be running lights, I have to change the lense to red, right? (the kit came with 2 red lenses also) but they must be amber for turn signal only? Do the newer bikes have rear running lamps? Just wondering before I hook them up...

16th December 2004, 22:52
Here is the link to the law in NY...


31st December 2004, 16:12
I'm thinking of doing this, too. Can I just replace the lights or do I have to change the wiring inside the harness?

31st December 2004, 16:41
I went to red with the lens that came with the Harley kit. I went back to yellow because the effect is a little more "startling" than all red. I am going to convert them to dual filament ( guts for the socket 1.50 at Autozone and a quick hit with the dremel to modify the pin groove) But I will leave them yellow, operating under the theory that something that is a little unusual may catch the attention of even the most brain dead drivers

1st January 2005, 01:01
I was thinking about it, and looking at the back ends of cars...No cars have amber running lights in the rear. They'd be turn signals only. Red turn signals can be dual duty running lights.

Shamdog, if your rear signals are like mine, they have one wire for the signle filament bulb. To make it a running light/turn signal, you'd need a 2-wire lamp (with internal ground) or a 3-wire light with external ground. My lights are 3 wire, dual filament. One wire per filament plus ground.

1st January 2005, 01:27
A couple mounths ago I bought an LED kit to fit over the turnsignal bulb,wire into the harness,end result is running,turn and brake lite.
Haven't installed them yet.