View Full Version : Le Pera Daytona 2UP or Mustang?

27th August 2010, 15:47
Hi from the UK!

I recently got a 2008 Sporty 883 (my first Harley, although not my first bike!), which has the stock solo seat.

I'm planning to have occasional short-distance 2up riding, as well as solo long distance one, so I'm looking into 2up seats.

At the moment I'm really undecided between a Le Pera Daytona 2up and a Mustang solo with detachable pillion.

Anyone got any info on the Daytona? It doesn't seem to be too popular, I couldn't even find a pic of it on a sporty! :frownone But I like its looks.

I know Mustangs are highly recommended, but the pillion is really fugly. As a plan B I might have it trimmed down to match a bit more the shape of the bike: it's only for occasional use anyway and if I need more passenger comfort I can just buy another pillion instead of another seat.

But I'd like to know opinions on the Le Pera first, especially regarding long distance solo rides.


27th August 2010, 15:59
I have two Lepera Seats (see Sig info)

I like them both, very comfortable. I wife does not like the Daytona for two-up riding. Not enough seat for a middle aged woman. enuff said.

13th September 2010, 06:44
Thanks Khaskins,

I've seen pics of the Daytona 2Up and don't really like it, the Sport just looks much better.

However, I recently saw C&C's squareback, and I quite liked that, I'm really leaning towards it at the moment. C&C got good feeback on comfort and customer service too.

I guess in the end it'll be a toss of a coin what I'll order between the C&C and the Le Pera. I'll have passengers only occasionally and for shortish rides, so 100% passenger comfort is not really required.

13th September 2010, 06:53
I am a strong advocate for MUSTANG.. I've never had a single person tell me the didn't like it after recommending it to them.

13th September 2010, 07:12
+1 on the Mustang, and it looks real good with the pillion removed, which sounds like a strong possibility for you. The pillion mounts up in seconds and along with a detachable backrest would give you the best of both worlds.