View Full Version : ABATE Rally at Perry

31st August 2010, 18:33
Anybody headed out to Perry for the big ABATE party this Weekend? Just curious. The wife and I are actually going to go this year and would like to be able to put a face with the names here. We are going up sunday afternoon.

26th August 2012, 20:22
My wife and I are goin out, we've gone the last 4 years are so, its a blast!!!

26th August 2012, 23:52
I'll be there as usual. There'll be 3 sportys and 1 Dyna in our group. You'll be able to tell us by the black t-shirts and jeans.:laugh

It's always a good time but don't leave if you've been drinking as the Police have been known to have numerous DUI checkpoints all around the lake. Best to just pitch a tent and wait it out.

27th August 2012, 00:10
Had the Iowa ABATE Rally last month and my name was called (Gary), (won't post last name) and posted at the ABATE booth that I won a $500 gift certificate from Ernie Williams H-D.
Tried to get the certificate and I was told it was Stacy.
Stacy and Gary don't sound the same and why would you write the wrong name on the winners list so everyone could see?

My name was called and physically posted at the ABATE booth.
I wasn't able to attend. Might have made a difference.

I think I got snookered out of $500!

I won't be buying any more raffle tickets.....

Dakin Engineering
27th August 2012, 01:35
Wish I could be there (31th year), but leaving for Bonneville with a hangover, well, nevermind.

Dave, toss a few at the dunk tank for me.


27th August 2012, 12:04
Wiil do Sam. We'll miss seeing you. Good luck at the salt. Make us proud and be safe.