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3rd September 2010, 00:38
Since yesterday I battle to find neutral, keep jumping between 1st and second, could the primary chain be to loose, do i need to top up oil, sh1t, please help!! I'm going on a tour next week and don't wanna get stuck!
Thanks all!!:wonderlan

3rd September 2010, 02:58
Don't want to alarm you but something you need to check (especialy if your about to embark on a trip) is your clutch....I've always been able to find neutral super easy, and then one day it started getting harder to find....but it also started "pulling" a bit with the clutch lever depressed (like sitting at a traffic stop)...I tried to adjust it out at the cable but to no avail, so I checked it out and my clutch was shot... Just a thought, better to be safe than sorry!

3rd September 2010, 03:05
Thanks Blaze, I agree, rather check all the possibilities than be sorry!!

3rd September 2010, 03:10
+ 1 on that
And always check over your bike 1 to 2 weeks before any road trip.
Oils, Tyres and all cables etc.

3rd September 2010, 03:23
simple adjust your clutch per the manual and check primary tension. it should help

3rd September 2010, 03:33
I tried to adjust mine per the manual, and it wasn't working...what mine ended up being was sheared rivets on my clutch plate....just so you know...

3rd September 2010, 04:44
the springs plates in the stock clutch suck...
if and when you replace your clutch...
just get an extra plate kit from Barnett or Energy One.
i have the Barnett Carbon fibre clutch and i love it.
Motorcycle superstore has it for under $200 complete.

5th September 2010, 05:08
Check your maintenance items first. Fresh fluid, check primary chain tension and adjust clutch and cable (they stretch).

5th September 2010, 06:14
I got the service book,,and did the clutch adjustment.
Only have 3,900 miles on my 08,,
Man what a difference!
Dealer cost,,,90 bucks,,
In My garage cost,, 1 beer