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3rd September 2010, 20:52
To start with Hi...
User name as you can guess is my year and type... "62xlch".. In Sunny Arizona...

I bought a '62 xlch a few years ago as a rolling basket... Having a teenage daughter in college, puts the bike on hold alot... it came with a complete motor and trany... stock unmolested strait frame... I've stripped it powder coated the frame and rims. new stainless spokes... New sheet metal ass it was all missing... new seat... forward controls... Motor/trany are now torn down for rebuild.... Like to add a bolt on hard tail and a girder front end... Hope to be :tour soon...


3rd September 2010, 21:13
Welcome from Southern New Mexico. Hope ya get 'er up and running in the near future. We have a big IronHead following here.

3rd September 2010, 21:18
welcome from sunny New England......feel free to post some pics of your '62


4th September 2010, 00:24
Welcome to the forum from sunny Italy!

4th September 2010, 00:27
Welcome from way the hell 'n' gone up in Ontario, Canada!

Congrats on the box o' bike! We're pretty big picture whores around here, so snap off a lot of 'em while you're rebuilding her. If you need or want any advice, this site is great for it; they'll give you everything you could possibly need, and more!

4th September 2010, 05:19
Welcome from Wisconsin.

4th September 2010, 06:02
Howdy from ohio

13th September 2010, 11:47
Welcome to the Forum from the UK!

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