View Full Version : Re-setting ECM after mods

11th September 2010, 06:43
I have switched pipes (V&H SSS to V&H Blackout). Would it make any sense to pull the maxi-fuse to re-set the ECM with the pipe switch?

11th September 2010, 07:12
Its not really nec. The ecm in our bike willl adjust to maintain factory AF settings. If the bike did run for what ever reason excessively lean, IE leaking intake gasket then youd just pull a lean code. But swapping pipes your good.

11th September 2010, 07:16
I figured as much. Just thought I would make the learning process a little quicker by pulling the fuse. No biggie, I'll just ride it and let it learn. Not sure how much of a difference there will be between the 2 set of pipes to the ECM.

11th September 2010, 07:27
Theres prolly not much difference. Pulling that fuse just clears memory it doesnt do anything for ecm adjustments while driving. That will operate the same weather you pull that fuse or not.:tour ride that biatch! lol

Bob F
11th September 2010, 15:03
Yep, ride it like it's a rental.