View Full Version : carb for sale?

1st July 2005, 16:00
Help. I need to find a cheap carb (that I know for sure that works) or I'm going to go out of my mind. I've got 2 old ones now with my newly purchased '76 Sporty (1100+ cc) , and I can't get it to run with either - flooding problems. I've put them on, taken them off, cleaned and rebuilt them more time than I can even count right now. Can anyone sell me a Bendix or something that will show me it's only the carb that's my big problem, and will run the bike at least for a month or so till I can afford a S&S????

1st July 2005, 16:05
see my post on your last thread. carb may not be the issue. (do you have a good spark?)it may be flooding because it isn't getting spark...