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10th July 2005, 00:28
Ironmick you had said that the three balls belong to the clutch mechanism is there supposed to be alot of up and down freeplay and does the whole mechanism free float in the primary case or is it held in with a clip if not how do you get the primary case cover back on without it falling out it all seems a little sloppy to me as well this is my first Ironhead I used to own a 98 EVO 1200 have new cable, gasket and oil and also does the copper washer go back on the starter gear shaft?

10th July 2005, 01:40
If that is in fact the starter gear shaft at the top of the opening then yes, that is where the copper washer goes. I didn't think about it - did not look; but ya, i guess obviously that is the starter gear shaft.

I have no way of scanning the manual pages; here is what is says - better with the pic:

1. install cable parts [cable, locknut, washer, adjusting sleeve] in cover
2. Attach cable coupling to cable end and install in lever
3. grease ball ramps and install ramp parts including balls
4. use lock ring pliers to install retaining ring in groove on ramp lever
5. assemble clutch release adjusting screw, lockwasher and locknut in cover
NOTE: before installing cover on engine clutch, release lever must be correctly adjusted so that 3 balls are centered at bottom of each ramp "with no play in cable"
6. press down on lever to feel when 3 balls are centered in ramps, and adjust cable sleeve to take all slack out of cable
7. install chain case cover on engine; tighten screws 80-110 in-lbs; fill with lube; adjust clutch "as prev described"
8. install access cover; install gear shift lever; install footrest

Remember to re-adjust primary chain. I can give a "word picture" of any referrenced parts if you with.

10th July 2005, 02:21
When the ramp sits inside the case cover is it held in place by three dimples which I guess the FM calls staking I have the manual and I am following it but it doesn't tell me how much up and down play there should be and also does the clutch cable go above or below the lever the book does not give a clear picture and or does the coupling face inward or outward inside the case book not clear again any help is much appreciated this forum is awesome.

10th July 2005, 04:47
below the lever.

10th July 2005, 05:22
hey corad, i just did mine back on fathers day. The staking that you talk about was an issue with my bike. I went a head and tried to give those dimpels a whack with something very sharp and a hammer. Not a very hard one at that. If you look behind the the ramp there should be a fourth dimple but I could not see how to mess with it with the ramp in. I had a problem with the ramp falling out remeided the problem by not connecting the cable to the forward control unti after I had a few bolts back in the primary cover.Follow the manual as far as the direction of the way things fit in the primary case just remember to hold your tounge right when slideing that case back on. Later, nativebroncofan