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11th July 2005, 01:48
Bought my bike at Skip Fordyce in Riverside so when I went down in May I took the bike there to repair. Got the bike back yesterday and they did a great job, $7000+ in damages, yes State Farm paid for repair vs totalling it (no frame damage) Replaced the entire front end, put my progressive springs that I had in old forks, fuel tank, oil tank, quick connect windshield, Cycle Shack pipes, and everything else on the right side of the bike. I didn't have progressive shocks on back yet but they had to replace the right shock and I talked them into putting 418's on for replacement. Labor was already in estimate and they didn't charge me much for the difference in parts cost. Since I have the bike serviced there they paid $250 towards the deductible and gave me 15% of parts towards my loyalty card, over $500. Bought a new leather jacket, they took an additional 10% off of that price and I still have $80 to buy some bling. This dealer has been great since the purchase, $500 below MSRP to answering my questions on accessories to the repair. Since I still can't ride they trailered the bike over, no charge. I reccomend anyone in the IE to give them an opportunity to earn your business, they have earned mine....

11th July 2005, 06:00
Always like to hear about a great dealer when there are so many dealer horror stories out there.Of course those done wrong speak out more and louder than those that are happy with their dealer's service.