View Full Version : How to mount a Bates headlight..

12th July 2005, 06:36
Has anyone tried to mount a custom, bates, bullet, style headlamp on their stock triple trees? I am planning on doing it but it looks as thought the bottom triple tree has no hole for mounting. Any ideas about a bracket or something, I don't think drilling a huge hole in it would be a great idea but I really wanna ditch this stock headlamp!

12th July 2005, 11:47
they make a bracket that mounts to the lower tree pinch bolts just for bates lights

14th July 2005, 18:16
Thanks, do you know where do get one?

14th July 2005, 18:56
I've been searching and aparently there is no bracket for post 1987 sportsters. There are absolutely no holes in the bottom tree. I have a 96' XLH.