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20th December 2004, 19:56
I'm reposting this since I messed up the first time, and by mistake put it in the wrong forum.

I have purchased a set of 25648-01 SE bolt-in cams. (.497 lift). As part of my 883-1200 upgrade, I had planned to install these. However, I'm having second throughts...

Without doing any head work, is there enough of a performance gain to justify replacing the cams? My upgrade will be with KB 9:1 pistons, (dished converstion pistons) with Total Seal Rings. It seems that the more I read, the stock cams seem to be a better fit.

I have an 03-883, and will be installing KB dished pistons, and Total Seal rings, as soon as they come back from the machine shop. I will be installing the SE ignition module, and the 29 tooth sproket as part of my upgrade.

My goal is to have low to mid end power, and would really like to hit the 1 HP per Cubic Inch.....



20th December 2004, 20:05
Hey Gramhill,

JT and Shu (both forum guys) have done similar conversions. Check out JT's website JT harley (http://www.jtcentral.net/xl/Default.htm) for his info. Ibeleive both thought it was worthwhile to do.

21st December 2004, 01:17
I did the cams along with the 1200 jugs and 10:1 dished pistons and couldn't be happier. My bike is "hold on" fast. I would recommend cams with any upgrade. I can also tell by the idle that I got a little something extra in there.

21st December 2004, 01:22
9:1 compression? Not sure. Shu and I and Raysheen all have 10:1. Shu could better tell you weather the .497 lift cams would be a good fit, but on our conversions, they kick ass. Stock cams, in theory, provide more low end torque, but I've talked to guys who've ridden 1200 conversions with both stock and .497 lift cams (Raysheen being one of them and a local H-D tech being the other) and they came away saying the hotter cam was a better ride. And again, this is on a 10:1 compression bike. PM shu if he doesn't chime in on this one.