View Full Version : Intiminators installed, first impressions, but no test ride

1st December 2010, 09:59
I've fitted my Ricor intiminators in my 08 XL1200C along with their recommended Amsoil oil. Thanks to tips on this site the install went OK. I marked the point at which the caps start to screw in and managed without a clamp (although I had one at the ready) and used a long 1/2" extension on a Pro-motion cap socket, Can't remember who came up with those tips, but thanks, it was a great help :clap.
I didn't measure the fork oil level before I started but I've measured the quantity that was removed at it was pretty much exactly the same in each leg, a bit over 300ml. I set the oil level at 5/16" under 5 3/4" measured with the forks on and at the back of them while fully compressed. Thanks for doing the calculation Folkie.
Before install by sitting on the bike with the front brake applied, it was an easy matter to pump the forks down a long way, and I only weigh in at around 170lbs. There wasn't much damping feel to them really. With the intiminators, although pumping the forks at first produces some movement, you quickly are aware that the damping comes into play and resistance is felt. I'm certain that this will dramatically improve brake dive. Until I can test ride the bike I don't know how the bumpy roads will feel as that is controlled by a different valve I believe, but I'm confident there's going to be a marked improvement. I also fitted a fork brace at the same time.
The Hagon rear shocks felt a whole lot better than stock so I should now have a decently handling Sporty.:D
A road test will have to wait a while as we've got about 5" of snow on the ground now. :(
all the best

1st December 2010, 12:25
Sux about the test ride, but thanks for taking the time to report.