View Full Version : Shop to Knurl Handlebars?

3rd December 2010, 06:16
I'm interested in getting a set of 16" Nash Midget Grits soon, they look awesome and there isn't anything about them I don't like, EXCEPT the fact that they don't knurl their handlebars. I've already read some people having Nash handlebars that slip in the bar clamps... So i was wondering if there was a shop that I could send some raw handlebars too, that they could knurl for me, but how would it work after I powdercoated them? would the PC just fill the voids? I'm ready to pull the trigger on these bars, but this is the only thing holding me back! Thanks guys!

3rd December 2010, 06:58
I've heard wrapping sand paper around that area of the bar works nice, haven't done it myself but I hear it works

3rd December 2010, 07:16
typically knurlling involves a lathe and special knurl tool. the bars would have to turn in a lathe. Which is going to give you fits. There is a large amount of pressure used to machine in knurls. You might try a sharp chisel or a prick punch and make your own. Maybe someone else may have some ideas.

3rd December 2010, 07:16
I have 20" midget grits and have not had any problems with the bars slipping.

3rd December 2010, 07:25
I'd try one of the shade tree mechanic techniques. You can take a punch and a hammer and put some dings in it yourself. You can take an aluminum soda can, cut it and crinkle it up and wrap it around the bars. Or you can do what Philober recommended and wrap some sand paper around them.

3rd December 2010, 08:28
Worked in the past is a dremel tool with an engraving bit. use it to make make a cross hatching pattern around the bars where the clamps go around. will take you about an hour. Looks nice if you take the time to draw it out first with a sharpie perminant fine point marker.

If you need more, do the same on the inside of the clamps.


3rd December 2010, 09:02
I think the aluminum soda can cut into a thin strip, and wrapped around the bar as a shim, would be likely to work very well.

3rd December 2010, 15:54
install them correctly and they won't slip.

the secret is to make sure you EVENLY tighten the clamping bolts. there should be a bit of a gap on both sides and it should be about even. if you clamp one side tight and try to tighten the other side it won't have as much clamping force...

and sandpaper is great, but truth is... not sandpaper, crocus cloth is what ya really want. I have a bit under my throttle clamp right now keeping it in place. the clamp is worn out and won't hold without

3rd December 2010, 17:02
like said before in order to knurl them you need a lathe. and you would have to do it before they are bent. even if they were knurled the powder would clog most of it up. i agree with flatty if you install them correct you should be fine

3rd December 2010, 19:12
there are "hand knurl tool" that are for knurling parts that cant be machined knurled easily. they operate similar to the way a tube/ pipe cutter works. goto manhattan supply, grainger, or mcmaster-carr websites.