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14th July 2005, 08:00
I had a new experience this afternoon I thought was worth sharing, and I'm sure others have had a similar situation...it sure tested my riding skills in heavy traffic!

I was heading up to the nearest town north of me today around 5:00 so it was fairly heavy traffic in front, behind, and oncoming to me on a two laner...I hit the last stop light in town on red, so I had to stop (this could've been when the problem began). When I took off, I got right up to highway speed :D , and was getting ready for a nice, ten mile ride...when I hit about 60, I got this piercing pain right in the back of my lower skull! For some reason, my first thought was, "Is this what a stroke feels like?" I mean, it flippin' hurt! While I was trying to figure out what's going on, hurtin' like a mother, BAM!...more intense pain to the right of the first pain! I couldn't use my right hand to reach back and rub that area because if I let off on the throttle, I would've been rearended by the tailgater I had behind me! My left arm wouldn't reach the area because of my big helmet, I guess...or my short arms! Needless to say, I had to pull over to the side of the road because of the pain...no problems there...just as I pulled to a stop, one more round of intense pain! WTF! Man, I got off my bike and pulled my helmet off, took off my jacket, and saw the poor yellowjacket squished on the collar of my jacket! SOB! That son-of-a-gun must've been loaded with venom or whatever they have! It took awhile before the pain subsided until I could drive, but my neck and shoulders are sore as hell right now six hours later!

Moral of the Story: When folks say stay alert at all times on a bike, always be prepared for the unexpected, or never get complacent, please take their word for it! I could've easily gotten myself in a serious situation if I had jerked or swerved after the first sting with all that traffic around me!

I imagine a bee, wasp, yellowjacket, or hornet hitting your front side and going down the front of the shirt would be a likely scenario, too...so be prepared when one of the above insects decide to greet you stinger first!

14th July 2005, 12:03
Glad ta hear that things turned out ok fer ya. I had a problem with a bee up my sleeve a couple weeks ago....he got me 3 or 4 times before I could get him out.

Little bastards.....

Sportster Girl
14th July 2005, 12:24
While not the victim of a nasty stinging yellowjacket (the scourge of the winged stinging insects, I think), I did have a painful experience last week. I was wearing my pot and bobber sunglasses/goggles.

I was doing 65mph down a nice long straightaway, enjoying the sunshine and the ride, when SMACK! Right in the face around the mouth/nose region. I was momentarily dazed. It was a big mo fo June bug. Do you know how much a June bug weighs comounded by 65mph? Well I don't either, but it felt like a 5 pound bag of sugar.

I got a full face helmet a few days ago and now I laugh at all the bugs I routinely squish to their gruesome deaths......Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

14th July 2005, 12:29
Not too long ago I had a bumble bee. Big one, hit my shatter resistant safety glasses. They did not shatter but right in front of my eye is a 1/4 inch spot about 3mm deep missing. Glad it was the lenses not my eye. It almost knocked me off the bike.

Sportster Girl
14th July 2005, 12:33
Hey Stumble, we come down your way thru Walterboro/Summerville several times a year going down to Edisto.

I love the lowcountry, hope to move down there one day, get back home to South Carolina!

14th July 2005, 12:49
I'm forever gettin stung by wasps in summer.

The worst one I ever had was when a wasp somehow got down into my jeans.

I could feel him crawlin' and stingin' and I thought I better pull over, but just as I rolled to a stop he stung me on the wang :yikes

It was quite painful and I got some swelling...but my wife didn't seem to mind http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v341/gronk62/brows.gif

14th July 2005, 12:54
but just as I rolled to a stop he stung me on the wang :yikes

I haven't heard a Johnson called a "Wang" in forever :clap :D

14th July 2005, 13:21
One time long ago when I didn't ride with protective clothing, a bee hit me at the neck and fell down my shirt stinging me once on the stomach before I was able to wobble to a stop and get the bastard outa there.

Gronk all I can say is that's gotta freakin hurt.

Now I wear gloves, a leather jacket and a FF helmet and knock on wood I haven't been stung while riding since owning the sporty.

14th July 2005, 14:31
Got a stinging wasp up my sleeve last year while riding down the highway.. I had to pull over and do a dance on the side of the road to shake of the jacket as fast as I could (now I wear the gauntlet gloves when it isn't too hot to prevent that sort of thing).
That hurt.. but not as much as the stinger that got me square in the chest a few years ago.
Riding with a full face a few years ago, I got one buzzing around in my helmet in front of my face.. did a dance with that one too, fortunately he didn't sting me. I hate wasps. The trick is to stay calm and controlled until you can get over to the side. Not easy to do when feeling that pain, but necessary if you want to prevent the more intense pain of a crash.

14th July 2005, 15:59
Wasps are from hell. They are the only flying thing that stings for fun. At least bees serve a useful purpose. There are complications too that can be worse than getting stung / bitten by a bug. A couple of years ago on my way to work, something went up the sleeve of my jacket and stung me. I pulled over, took it off and turned the sleeve inside out, but couldn't find anything, so I don't know what it was. The next day the area was red in the morning. Within a couple of hours it had doubled in size, was swelling, and getting a lumpy surface. I went to our nurse(on the job) and she told me it was cellulitis. She told me to leave immediately, get to the emergency room and get antibiotics. It's a skin infection commonly caused by the Streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus. An insect's stinger piercing the skin can infect you. It spread FAST and once it gets into the blood stream it's bad news. I only had this happen once, so I guess it's not common, but if you see the symptoms above get to a doctor!

14th July 2005, 16:26
I always carry Benadryl antihistamine with me on the bike.
I've been stung so many times on a bike I've lost count years ago.
Benadryl taken just after being stung counteracts bee venom very quickly if you take it right away.
I swell up and get dizzy and sick to my stomach if I get stung real good.Damn wasps and hornets can kick my ass the little bastards!

14th July 2005, 23:27
Not been stung...yet. but a guy I worked with had a wasp/ hornet get in his t- shirt he pulled over, removed his shirt.... forgot to remove helmet :eek: Pull shirt back down, remove helmet, remove shirt, use shirt to swat said bug from his back :laugh :laugh

14th July 2005, 23:58
About 13 years ago I had a wasp get inside my jacket collar and proceeded to sting me several time right in the neck. By the time I got to work my throat was starting to constrict and I was having trouble breathing. And I am not allergic to them. I think it just might have been where it got me.

15th July 2005, 02:12
I haven't heard a Johnson called a "Wang" in forever :clap :D
Gronk all I can say is that's gotta freakin hurt.
hmmm..I got a picture somewhere of the swollen...appendage..if ya's would like to see it?! :D

15th July 2005, 13:06
hmmm..I got a picture somewhere of the swollen...appendage..if ya's would like to see it?! :D

I think we'll pass on this one.... ;) :D :D :D

15th July 2005, 23:24
I was feeling kind of scared of being syung while reading this thread----but when I read about being stung in the wang!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well geeze, I think I what an armored suit to ride now.
I am laughing too hard to continue.
Sorry to laugh at your pain but the WANG???? ouch

15th July 2005, 23:59
In the WANG? Sheeet man....I've been stung so many times but the one when the bee stung me on the front part of the neck sure tickled! I was able to swipe him away but his hind end was stuck and still stinging...

So I had to calmly pull over, pull my glove off and remove his ass from my neck!

So. Cal...

16th July 2005, 01:03
We get a lot of June Bugs here....I have a Full face and they sound like a gunshot when they hit and the gutts go everywhere. Even with levis pants & jacket they still hurt when you get smacked.

16th July 2005, 02:45
i was passing a bunch of flowers on the side of the road on the way home from an all day ride and got stung IN MY LEFT NOSTRIL! :yikes yes, the damn bee flew up my nose and stung me.

I'm sure I was entertaining as I got to the side of the rode and danced around.

BTW a gloved finger will fit in your nose. :eek:

19th July 2005, 00:59
A good quick sting remedy I learned from my dads uncle. When I was a kid, I walked into a nest of black hornets, got stung 27 times in the face, neck, and arms, uncle grabed a pouch of Redman chewing tobacco, soaked it in water and put a blob on each sting, the swelling went down FAST and the pain subsided quickly. I keep a tin of skol bandits (less messy than redman) in my service van, in the car and in the saddlebags, and it works every time.

19th July 2005, 10:49

On nice summer days I always dream about buying a half helmet...but after reading this thread I think I will stick to my full face helmet after all :p