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South East Ohio fall ride. Sunday Oct. 8th 2017

Posted 8th September 2017 at 01:43 by Zoharo

Originally Posted by gravydog View Post
From Newcomerstown I plan to head East then South on 800. We could meet Zo where 800 and 70 cross if that works better for him.

I'm getting pretty excited for this, I didn't think this many people would be interested.

Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk about an hour away from the the rendezvous site, 36 & 77. Staying on Sat. night and having dinner at Hog Heaven also sounds like fun.
Zoharo's Avatar
Chief Harley Engineer
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Who needs a freakin' title..I sure as hell don't ! Nope

Posted 21st April 2016 at 04:29 by sportyblue (Sportyblue)

A win win day.

I am so happy with my job. Not a lot of stress.....which I can't handle anymore anyway. My pay is more now than it would have been with several of the jobs I applied for and flunked the interview ( too much anxiety ). It just took time but my work ethics and shinning personality .....well you just can't beat that.

My whole life is falling back in place and has become MY LIFE again. I always liked living my life rather than someone trying to...
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One Damn Day (Part 1)

Posted 17th September 2015 at 04:04 by Nolemags
Updated 21st July 2016 at 00:42 by Nolemags (typo)

Every damn day I would go into the workshop to do anything I would try not to look at the ’69 sportster on the stand with its guts all hanging out on the concrete. An old fry pan holding motor oil with a layer of sawdust sat underneath. The sportster didn’t blink. But I couldn’t help but feel ashamed for tearing up that transmission three years earlier. And even more ashamed for not putting her back together.

I knew that one day, it would all wait and the priority would be to put...
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Project IronHead : Tear it down

Posted 30th April 2015 at 17:45 by st1nz

My 73 Sporty is my new project. I want to have her up and running sometime this summer. The Engine wants to turn when I jump spark but the electrical work on it is crappy. Parts of the electrical system has been rerouted and stuff taken out like fuse boxes and other important things to keep the electronics safe. I am working directly from the schematics in the manual to get it as close as possible. Has anyone else had to rewire...
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Old layout

Posted 8th March 2015 at 01:52 by 62 Ironhead

I was never quite happy with how the speedo looked on my bike.

1st Position - was mounted using the standard bottom mount bracket and clamp, seemed to stick out a bit, looked too high and the angle was all wrong.

Tried mounting a few different ways, just didn't look that great.

Came across a mounting cup system and after a few...
Flat Track Champion
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