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tried the pullback risers

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Posted 21st May 2008 at 02:18 by emzdogz

Went ahead and proceeded with trying the install of 4 inch up and back risers.
Just holding the part up to the top tree prior to beginning, it looked as if it might work.
Didn't seem to be much higher at all, just mainly "back", which is what I wanted.

But anyway, the throttle cable is too short with stock routing and the elec wires are marginally too snug, and the brake line is, eh, too tight too altho it might be doable.

In any case, to get this done the top fork tree is gonna have to come off, so I can route the throttle cables and wires behind it rather than them running up in front of the top tree. I've done this on other bikes before.

The other thing is that I will probably have the "vertical gauge" issue that others have had and have solved with Xena mod, RedTiggers mod and a couple others I've seen.
whatta mind f_cker...the spacing of neither the front 2 screws nor the rear two screws/holes on the snazzy 1200L "integrated" speedo top clamp is the same as the spacing of the top screws on the headlight eyebrow!
So no Xena mod for me.

(insert long strings of Cuban obscenities)

I put it back together with the little stock risers. No biggie, I don't HATE the stock bar position, and to be honest I ADORE the way the 1200L bars look. They just look right to me.

So I will re-visit this challenge at a future date. I've now been up the river, but I didn't cross over in to Cambodia.
(begging the pardon of any VietNam war vets who might be reading... couldn't resist the Apocalypse Now analogy)

The speedo bracket/housings from other models which DO have the screw spacing the same as the eyebrow screws seem to have different idiot lights, so a swap wouldn't be a gimme. Or maybe it would! More research required.

I'm just not too motivated to nail this now.
I also feel the bars might be too high with these risers.

Might MIGHT take a hacksaw to them carefully and make each a mostly "back" riser - with not so much "up".
Would have to be super careful to not screw up the threads. Prolly chase then with a tap.

Have also toyed with the idea of making an offset bracket for my existing speedo bracket/clamp and then using another one piece top clamp turned upside down to sandwich the piece I make between my stock bracket/clamp and the one piece nbottom bracket. I'd make the piece have a tab sticking out with screw holes either spaced for Xena mod on the eyebrow OR to fit the top two screws af yet another clamp that would then be holding the bars.
Maybe I'll draw what I'm talking about tomorrow. I fear it would be too bulky.

I really need to make friends with my welder.
(machine, not dude, lol, although having a welder-dude buddy would ROCK)

sigh...tired now...other annoying life issues too. Leaky kitchen faucet and the handle under the sink broke off when I went to cut the water off down there.....

So I'd say its time to knock off.
In better news, my usually frighteningly dog-aggressive dog was an ANGEL in the waiting room of the vets today. Am proud of my girl. Maybe she's growing up.
Still has mega wigouts when we meet oncoming leashed dogs on the street tho....

OK that's all, thanks 4 readiang, if you got this far....
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  1. Old Comment
    Screw Loose Dan's Avatar
    The best I can tell from the parts manual it appears the 1200L and 883/883L/883R/1200N all have the same wiring harness that includes the warning lights even thought they have different brackets. Now the Customs have a different setup (and the parts manual has had mistakes). Let me know and I can send you copy of the page from the parts manual if it helps.
    Posted 21st May 2008 at 04:27 by Screw Loose Dan Screw Loose Dan is offline
  2. Old Comment
    emzdogz's Avatar
    Hi Dan, I actually have a parts manual and I saw that too, that the harness is the same. But the one I saw a pic of (bracket) sure looked different. On mine the little idiot lights are oblong, and the bracket I looked at (was going to buy from someone here in the forum) has round holes for the lights. Maybe it is not the correct year bracket.
    And a new one for an '07 is $91 which is kinda rubbing me the wrong way. Why don't they just make it be Hundred-Dollar like everything else, ya know?
    OTOH that would give me the neatest, closest to stock appearance.
    Thanks again, for the offer to check out the parts manual for me and also again, for reading my blog!

    I rode in again today, but I am super-sleepy. Good thing the bike is getting to know the way.
    My ride in is funny. I do the whole thing at just off-idle.
    Literally putt-putt to work.

    On the way home I can hop briefly on the slab and wind it out a tad.

    have a good one,
    Posted 21st May 2008 at 12:23 by emzdogz emzdogz is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Hey, im planning on putting some pullback risers on my sportster as well any useful tips?
    Posted 28th September 2009 at 05:17 by joetoman17
  4. Old Comment
    emzdogz's Avatar
    I would just say have a plan for your cables and wires beforehand. Try and figure out if they will reach. The wires and cables can be routed behind of the fork trees, if necc., instead of looped up in front of them like a stock bike. I think the easiest way is to remove the top triple tree altogether, just leaving the bike sitting for a couple minutes with only bottom tree on while you do it. Otherwise you have to fiddle with removing the control housings and, worse, the throttle cables. Thats a pain. If you just remove the top tree, and put it right back but with those wires and cables moved back behind it, you will get lots more to work with. Its sounds like a huge deal to remove that top tree, but really, its not. I've done it on a few other bikes, but did NOT do it on the Sporty, and doing the whole deal with the cables was MORE of a hassle than just taking the top tree off momentarily, just long enough to move the wires and throttle cables back and then put it right back on.

    Also, go ahead and loosen the bolt that holds the risers, BEFORE you remove the bars. Just break 'em loose that way. Also the bars will need to be on before you can tighten them back down. (otherwise they'll turn and turn)

    good luck!
    Posted 28th September 2009 at 13:00 by emzdogz emzdogz is offline
  5. Old Comment
    From this read. I will see if that slack is possible on 2008 standard Sportster. Brake line will most assuredly have to be changed out for longer one. I am looking for a 3 to 4 inch pullback with nothing but a minor rise as part of pullback. Any ideas on this future endeavour ?
    Posted 30th September 2009 at 04:15 by Wolf Wolf is offline
  6. Old Comment
    I located a 3 inch rise with a 3 inch pullback at Ebay. Waiting for the 1st to buy. Thinking of possibly modification to brake line to help it reach. Found slack under fuel tank on wires and speedo cable. Should be enough for the move.
    Posted 30th September 2009 at 17:13 by Wolf Wolf is offline

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