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Big Al on Sons of Anarchy and other "biker" shows

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Posted 4th July 2010 at 23:39 by Big Al-1200c

Originally Posted by Big Al-1200c View Post
- Yes it is just a show, but just because you enjoy it, please don't get bent out of shape because someone does not.

I don't like it and here is why:

1. it is a miss-representation of 1%'s and Bikers in general. and that bother me greatly. I know that you understand that what you see in the show is not the real lifestyle for 99% of the bikers, but the young & the ignorant do not, so they assume that every guy out there on a cruiser is a woman beating, drug using, law breaking bad-ass.

and what is even worse, the image that the show portraits, is found to be amusing and intriguing by young and old minds alike, and they go out and buy a bike and behave that way 'cause they want to be "cool & bad-ass" too. and that is when the waves of posers and RUBS appear on your street, causing all kinds of problems for the true bikers out there.

Like when on a saturday night, when I pass a cop in my area, he will make a u-turn and follow me, be cause he assumes I am up to no good and at some point and I am going to race my bike and speed like a bat out of hell. Because that what posers have been doing with their "custom" choppers, every Saturday night on the boulevard.

or when a local politician, trying to "buy votes" goes out and buys a Harley so that he can be seen as a cool guy and appeal to our bigger than average "biker" community, but in the process kills himself on the interstate, and now we have all the bleeding hearts lobbying for more laws against motorcycling. Ever wonder where the helmet laws come from?

or the "biker" that puts drag pipes on his scoot and them proceeds to race up and down the neighborhood, until the neighbors call the cops and they start harassing all of the bikers in the neighborhood about having aftermarket pipes. Ever wonder where exhaust noise ordinances come from?

I think you get the point.

Because I been around enough to see all the trouble that shows like this make for me as a biker, I choose not to support it. No matter how good the show is (and what I have seen of the show it is a very well made show and I did like it. but it is a drama show and not really about the bikes, like American Chopper these days, lol).

now the question is, What IS a biker?

I have yet to hear a explanation of the term. The first time I heard it, it was on TV. When I was a young kid, I never heard anyone use the term "Biker". And my family had a few motorcycle riders in it.

I had two uncles that rode, they both owned jap standards. They both rode everyday to work and back, they both rode on the weekends for leisure, at some point in their lives their bikes were the only vehicle they owned. They both wrecked their bikes, barely keeping their lives, they both had watery eyes when the mangle bike was "dropped off" at the house. They both rebuilt their bikes and rode again. One of them, was a downtow courier for "Speedy Service" with a detachable Box on the back. So he rode for a living. there is a third uncle that also rode a bike for a living, but he was a State Police Motorcycle Officer and he rode an HD at work. At home he had this weird contraption of a bike that always seem to be a work in progress, later I found out that it was '60's XL.

None of them ever owned a leather anything, a brand name anything or a Harley (except for the cop). Never rode with an MC, crew or posse. But are you going to tell me that they are not bikers? That is what I call a biker. A man that lives and breathes his motorcycle. Nothing more and nothing less, everything else is fodder.

But that is just my humble opinion, what the hell do I know.

Well, I have to go, I got to put my 2 year old to bed, and order my painting supplies for my bike. and I think the old lady wants me to pay some attention to her instead of talking to you all anyway, I hear her bitching in the living room, lol

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  1. Old Comment
    Baphomet's Avatar
    Hey Big Al. I feel funny calling you that because I'm known as "Big Al" in my world.

    What you wrote makes a lot of sense, I saw it posted in the forum. I posted something along the lines that I didn't believe a TV show creates a stereotype, but with a little more thought I see your point. I'm not necessarily stereotyped on my bike because I don't wear patches, leather, or anything else that would indicate a membership or club affiliation. I usually just wear jeans and a denim long sleeve shirt. When I step off the bike I blend in anywhere. Sooo, I see your point that if you LOOK like an 1%er then you might be stereotyped as one.

    As for the show, I've never seen it nor really have a desire to. I guess I cannot make an intelligent opinion about the show itself.

    As for the definition of a "biker" I don't have a clue. I was at a gas station a couple months ago and this chick asked me if she could take a picture of my bike. I said sure, why not. She proceeded to tell me her x got killed on a Sportster and she like collecting photos of them when she sees them. Then she asked me, "Are you a biker-biker?" I told her that I was not sure what a biker-biker was, but that I do ride a bike most of them time when I'm not working so I guess I'm a biker in that regard. To this day I'm not sure about any of the definitions I have heard. If it is a lifestyle, then I'm probably not one because I'm pretty square when it comes to family and responsibilities. If it is a passion then I probably am one because I'd rather be riding than just about anything else. Bottom line is that I don't think there is a definition for the word, but a people can define THEMSELVES as a biker by living the concept they have created in their own mind. Really that is about the best I can figure the term.
    Posted 6th July 2010 at 18:54 by Baphomet Baphomet is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Big Al-1200c's Avatar
    Bap, I just saw your comment for the first time. The same thing has happened to me a few times, but when some one ask me if I am a biker, I ask them "what is a biker?" and depending on what they tell me then I answer yes or not. but most of the time my answer is no.

    I love to ride, so much that it is an obsession. If it wasn't because I have a wife and 2 children I love very much, I would sell everything I can't carry in my bike and become a nomad, lol I would honestly leave everything behind and travel the world. so yeah, I am obsessed, lol.

    on the looks, yeah I personally do not not look like the stereotypical biker while off my bike. If I am ridding to and from work, I am wearing my ACU uniform and the mandatory safety gear (DOT Helmet, Hi-Vis Riding Jacket, Full finger gloves, Eye-Pro, and Leather Boots).

    Once off post I wear just jeans and a t-shirt + glasses for around town ridding, but If am going far then I wear full gear. I have kids that depend on me.
    Posted 10th July 2010 at 13:57 by Big Al-1200c Big Al-1200c is offline

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