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Firebrand 11th February 2017 23:35

Skid Plates
OK, sure, as a rule the factory never intended you to ride your Harley on dirt. That’s probably why it didn’t come with a Skid Plate. But who plays by the rules anyways? Whether you’re building a Scrambler, Tracker or just want a little extra protection for the inevitable curb jump or wheelie in your future, Firebrand has built a Skid Plate especially for you.

Laser cut from 3/32” thick aluminum and hand finished for precise fitment, the Firebrand Skid Plate provides the most engine case and frame rail coverage, while blending perfectly to the contours of your bike. Available in brushed aluminum or black powder coat finishes, the Firebrand Skid Plate is hand crafted with pride in Anaheim, California by people who ride motorcycles.

rocketmangb 11th February 2017 23:51

Thats a nice looking piece !

RollTide_ATX 12th February 2017 01:23

Very clean. Saw this flash across the advertisements at the top the other day

Side note:
I wish someone would design a chin spoiler that went a little farther under the frame, "Almost" sport bike style. Would look great on some of the cafe bikes IMHO

Brad 12th February 2017 05:16

Got a price? I can't find it on your website and a catalog search of 'skid' returns 0.

RollTide_ATX 12th February 2017 05:23


Originally Posted by Brad (Post 5497327)
Got a price? I can't find it on your website and a catalog search of 'skid' returns 0.

Brad 12th February 2017 05:29

Thanks man!

lucifer_mr2 30th October 2017 11:50

Just bought one. Nice looking bit of kit. Put it on my 2012 48 this afternoon.
Had a slight problem with the rear right section. There was a interference problem with angled edge and the brake master bracket. Bit of work with the die grinder and file, and it fit up well.
Other than that it looks great, can barely see that it is there.

Firebrand 30th October 2017 12:38

Sorry you had to work on it to fit. They are laser cut so they should bolt right up. if you could take a photo of where the issue is, we would like to see it to make sure its not a production problem. You can email it to

lucifer_mr2 31st October 2017 10:47

Just sent, but the photo wasn't great.

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