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jhawkr 26th February 2006 15:00

Do you use premium gas in your Sportster?
Just wondering how many use premium 91 or better, mid-grade 89 or better or regular 87.

maddog 26th February 2006 15:05

The results are in !!! 100% use high-test !

jhawkr 26th February 2006 15:07

I don't think so. I have a buddy with an 06 XL1200R who uses regular or mid-grade exclusively.

bearsfan 26th February 2006 15:07


I guess the 883s can use the lower grades without issue, but I'm willing to spend a few $$$ more for the good stuff. Why chance it? :)

DUKEXL 26th February 2006 15:07

c'mon man.... you know its premium all the time for the sporty!!!!

oakies 26th February 2006 15:07

All the time.....91 or better

jhawkr 26th February 2006 15:10

I would think that if your bike runs well on Regular grade, poking the premium knozzel in its tank is really just throwing away money. I think I'm going to try at least the mid-grade to see what happens.

JohnT 26th February 2006 15:10

H-D says the stock 883 will run on 87 and the stock 1200 needs 91. My 1200conversion, with its higher compression ratio, definitely needs 91 or better.

XLFREAK 26th February 2006 15:13

Nothing but the best for my Sporty!

XLFREAK 26th February 2006 15:14

octane rating is basically ping control built into fuel. additives in fuel control burn rate to some degree. higher octane is better for ignitions that can adjust timing to max. i use midgrade and notice my bike does run better/faster probably because fuel burns faster.

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