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NLXL 14th July 2021 20:24


Originally Posted by IXL2Relax (Post 5905022)
I have to say that I'm EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that the Revolution has been given the Sportster name... If it's a Revolution, then create a new name... It's not an Evolution, it's not a Reformation, it's not a Variation... Call it something NEW...

<snipped some>

From my perspective, assigning the (65yo) venerable title of Sportster to this model the MoCo has sullied that iconic name and design. :frownthre :( :frownthre

I think it would have been much more fitting to simply let the Sportster name retire on it's own terms.

If I had my choice, I would have liked the final episode of this Famous Icon (& Name) to have been: ONLY IN AMERICA!

I totally agree. They should have put the iconic Sportster name to rest. That would be a graceful end of a an era. I had hopes that they would call it Bronx.

halfmt1 14th July 2021 20:58


Originally Posted by perfesser (Post 5904998)
'stretched riding position'
'forward foot controls'

doesn't really spell SPORT to me

I agree with this. The only Harley I ever liked was the Sportster, that is not a Sportster. They should have went ahead with the Bronx, that actually had some sport to it.

Sasnak75 14th July 2021 21:51

Many moons ago Honda made a Silverwing that was a mid-sized touring bike. Think a shrunken Goldwing. Never had one, but kind of dug it and the funky transverse V-twin.

Years later they slapped that name on a maxi-scooter! WTF?

Anyone remember the Ford Mustang II? Awful little car. One of our kids had one.

This is almost as bad.

I understand the desire to have the "unbroken line"... But I can look at the original Sportster and a 2020 Iron 1200 and see the lineage.

Not with this one.

BUT, bring out the Bronx with 900cc's, around 100 hp, mid controls, the right tires and pipes that allow for luggage.... I might be a customer.

joes95bobber 14th July 2021 23:11

I was looking forward to the Bronx. Something different and i would support the moco on it. Doesn’t mean it had to stay in the stable forever, but I was game.
The same with the live wire….I was first in line at my local dealership, then i got word of how greedy the price tag was. Geez.
Now, they let the Dyna name retire….why not the sporty?
Call it something else will ya? If this thing can have mid controls so i can actually ride it, i would look.
I rode the FXDLR 114” (or what ever the hell it was) and my feet were too far out front, it sucked. I look under the bike and no bolt holes for proper controls….passed….

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needspeed 15th July 2021 00:30

Almost fenderless
On a wet road the rider is going to catch a lot of road spray, from both the front and the rear. That front fender won't do much for you. Hopefully the radiator has some protection from whatever road debris the tire throws at it.

You won't have to come up with excuses for not giving someone a ride :clap but if you want to it's a problem.:doh

I've never been a fan of the forward controls riding position, but I'd like to try a ride on this. Harley has done a nice job on it and it may be a nice bike, but it's hard to think of it as a Sportster. At least not yet.

If you're riding to work where do you carry your lunch? :)
Left side saddlebags?

t.c. Johnson 15th July 2021 01:16

That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

felis 15th July 2021 02:50

Maybe some people took the thread title in a different way than I meant it.

I have no objection to the bike at all.
I'm not interested in it, but that's besides the point.
I only object to them calling this liquid cooled, OHC bike a Sportster S.

The Sportster is dead - long live the Sportster.

I will call this new bike something else, even though maybe no one else will.

ChinCactus 15th July 2021 02:59

Ok then. It's officially the Harley Davidson Something Else! I LIKE it!:D

ChinCactus 15th July 2021 03:00

Edit: Something Else S!

drgonzo21 15th July 2021 04:11

This model is a 'Wild" styling exercise. More classic appearing models will follow. The Sportster should be a performance bike again.

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