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hawgford 14th May 2018 15:08

Ironhead for buell tuber
Looking to trade a pristine version of a 76 XLH, original everything for a late 90's tuber, carbed and steel swing arm.The thunderbolt,the white lightnin, the cyclone. with the S3 tour/thunderbolt series body style probably bein preferred,but not in stone.My ironhead is blue book, $7200. and for sale on Atlanta,Ga CL at $4500,so some boot would have to come my way with a buell,but I am not greedy.Whatever you think to ask on the IH the answer will be its original, It does have a CE genny end volt reg ,but I have the original.Seat keys mufflers,paint blah blah blah original. I will be glad to sell this bike to a member here without the trade as well,negotiable price ,partial trade of anything possible,but no 4 wheel vehicles.Am 40 year rider,machinist and builder of old school choppers, was just at PCB thunder beach rally and was totall disgusted.Its all about big wheels and big radios on your !#$%$@! not paid for "me too" bikes..I saw very few [under 6] examples of tired iron,sad.... Contact me direct if email allowed.[/email] thanks

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