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xldukes 27th August 2012 21:47

Anyone go racing last weekend?
Did anyone make it out to the track over the weekend? I went out of town partying and didnt get to race.

Shu 27th August 2012 21:52

Yep...oh but not with my Sporty;) We run a dirt modified a couple of nights a week at local tracks.

xldukes 27th August 2012 22:05

Sweet. Thats something Ive only seen on tv. Looks crazy to me.Lol.

mac93 27th August 2012 23:10

T&T sat. raced sun. Ran some of our best numbers ever sat. Took home the trophy sunday. :D Good weekend. I'm still waiting for those 70's outta your scooter!

xldukes 27th August 2012 23:18

Awesome Mac. Taking home a trophy with your best times gotta put a smile on your face! Would love 70's but need consistancy now. Big race this weekend

madnss 28th August 2012 02:06

Im running for fastest street sporty saturday. 500 cash to the winner. Stock wheel base, no air shifter, 2 box delay, no turbo, no nos. no strokers or bored cases. Ive won it in years past twice. Anywhere from 8 to 23 bikes usually show up for it. sometimes the class is soft, so metimes there are 6 or 7 bikes with in a tenth. Buells run too. its heads up racing also ,1/8 mile track

madnss 28th August 2012 02:13

Nice job mac.

mac93 28th August 2012 02:21

Best times came sat morning, good air and starting line, 1.372 60ft! we just laughed about it because we knew it was a fluke. Had the two-step to high. Nice to know it's in there tho. Rider won on sunday, had some awesome reaction times, .009, .010,.005,.040 when we needed them. Reaction time and 60's win these races. Sometimes we all forget that. Good luck this weekend.

xldukes 28th August 2012 02:22

That sounds like alot of fun. I could be street legal again in a couple hours. They dont have races like that around here. Is it a heads up race?

xldukes 28th August 2012 02:28

1.3 60's must be a rush. Not sure I could hit the shift button fast enough for that.Lol. Those are some tough reaction times to beat.

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