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felis 14th July 2021 03:56

Sportster R.I.P.
Born 1957 - Died 2020/2021 at 63.5 years old. Known and Loved.

The 2021 'Sportster S':

Whitewalls 14th July 2021 04:21

Enjoy internal combustion while you can. By 2030 many states are requiring all new vehicles to be electric.

Crash7557 14th July 2021 10:52


Originally Posted by Whitewalls (Post 5904888)
Enjoy internal combustion while you can. By 2030 many states are requiring all new vehicles to be electric.

Yep. Think gas is expensive now? Wait till they start closing places and it gets harder to gas up.

felis 14th July 2021 11:06

It's probably a nice liquid cooled, overhead cam bike, like the Japanese have been making for a long time.
But a person could call anything a Sportster if they're willing to desecrate the name.

Bigshankhank 14th July 2021 12:57

Lol adapt or die, the Sportster should be the sport motorcycle from H-D, and this definitely keeps the concept alive even as it sheds its outdated pushrod drivetrain and air cooling. Would you rather they continue to soften and fatten up the Sportster by adding more rubber mounting points and maybe 1-2hp increase each year, or would you rather have literally double the power and less weight?

ChinCactus 14th July 2021 14:07

I am going to look at it. I like it's a 6 speed. Depends on if it can be set up for touring.

perfesser 14th July 2021 16:25

'stretched riding position'
'forward foot controls'

doesn't really spell SPORT to me

sportsterpaul 14th July 2021 16:35

Harley has rolled the dice big time, and we will see if it was right for them. Not sure if it’s right for me. Checks off a lot of boxes but the huge tires and mammoth looking exhaust are a turn off at this time. If they are truly down near 500 pounds then I applaud that effort. Should be easy to get under the 500 mark, even better.

XL_1200C 14th July 2021 18:10

I like the New Sportster 'Machine wise', however I'm still trying to get used to the 'Fat Look'. I would like to see a newer Sportster a bit lighter looking,( not so much mass) with mid or rear set foot controls with 1/4 Cafe fairing arrangement.

I will say that I do like the look of the Pan America, but that bike has no earlier reference to its appearance to compare to.


IXL2Relax 14th July 2021 18:59

I have to say that I'm EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that the Revolution has been given the Sportster name... If it's a Revolution, then create a new name... It's not an Evolution, it's not a Reformation, it's not a Variation... Call it something NEW...

I'm the last person who should be targetted for a new vehicle... Once in my life was enough... I'm a HD fan, obviously, and I want the company to succeed because that means longer life for support of MY CHOICE, but I'm never going to buy a new one... I applaud that they are trying to find youth appeal, it's necessary. But it's not for me.

So, bias already admitted, which NEW model (not a morphed existing model) that HD has introduced in the past 20 years has lasted in the line up for 10-years? How many under-30 sales people do they have on the showroom floor who enthusiastically (with real knowledge) can advocate for a 'more youthful' new model?

From my perspective, by assigning the (65yo) venerable title of Sportster to this model, the MoCo has sullied that iconic name and design. :frownthre :( :frownthre

I think it would have been much more fitting to simply let the Sportster name retire on it's own terms.

If I had my choice, I would have liked the final episode of this Famous Icon (& Name) to have been: ONLY IN AMERICA!

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