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LenC 22nd July 2021 22:20

Pop-up gas caps
Are those any good?
I had heard they don't last very long but I can't remember where
and they could easily be FOS.
Point being arthritis is bad and I need a cap I can get a good grip on.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.

rocketnorton 23rd July 2021 17:22

any ive seen are a pita to use
"normal" caps fer me

sportsterpaul 23rd July 2021 17:27

I’ve got this style on all three Sporties
Have been running them for 20 years. The plastic “key” works well with arthritis.

Tomcatt 23rd July 2021 19:09

I've got one of these on my '17 1200C:
I really like it.

LenC 24th July 2021 01:24

My tank is vented.
Any problem if I get a vented cap?
That's all I seem to be seeing.

Old Junk 24th July 2021 03:44

Pop up gas caps
Bought a set of pop-up gas caps off evil-bay. Save some money, I thought.

Chinese re-pops.

Absolute garbage. Threads were completely wrong.

You get what you pay for...

Tomcatt 24th July 2021 15:47


Originally Posted by LenC (Post 5906931)
My tank is vented.
Any problem if I get a vented cap?

Nope. No problem.

LenC 25th July 2021 01:35

Anything to confuse us old bastards. :rolleyes:
So, cool, I just need to find something I can close my mitt around.
Motone has one with a wide knurl on it I see.

Cablejudge 25th July 2021 10:50

I have one of those:
Not the cheapest version, and I am not sure if they are sold in the US at all? But they are very good.
I had to replace my standard gas cap because the speedo / tachometer came down when I installed the longer front forks (a custom, so the are below the handle bar) and it got really very, very tight between the instruments and the gas cap. I am very happy with it - but at least with the small version the knurled part is smaller when the standard cap, so I am not sure if this would be easier for you.

zukinut 25th July 2021 16:34

I have the drag specialties unit. It works well. However the supplied O ring is garbage. I took the o ring off the original cap and put it on the pop up and all is well.

I don’t think I would recommend it for arthritic hands tho, it can sometimes be a bear to get off.

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